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Sparsh Shah: The Inspirational Melody of Unbreakable Dreams

Sparsh Shah: The Inspirational Melody of Unbreakable Dreams

No matter what happens in life, don’t limit yourself. As long as we don’t impose any restrictions, the opportunities are as wide as the clear sky before us. Perhaps this may be the inspiration for big dreams in little Sparsh’s life.

Sparsh Shah (also known as Purhythm) is a singer, songwriter, rapper, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and Guinness World Record holder.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

At the time of birth, Sparsh had almost 40 broken bones in his body. His bones are so fragile that even a  strong handshake can break them because he was born with an untreatable condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta. He is unable to run or walk like other kids of his age since he cannot support his weight with his arms and legs.  Sparsh has undergone numerous surgeries due to this disease.


This prodigy, who is 20 years old, resides in the United States with his parents, Hiren Shah and Jigisha Shah, and younger brother, Anuj Shah. He was born in Iselin, New Jersey in 2003 to a family of Indian origin.

Impossible’ to ‘I’m possible

Sparsh had a passion for music at a very young age. As soon as he was able to speak, he started singing. At the age of six, his parents enrolled him in Indian classical vocal training. Later, he began studying American voice lessons, which enhanced the quality of his singing. He discovered his inner artist, when he wrote his first song, “This Love Will Never Fade,” at the age of ten. He then produced 11 more songs. He is pursuing a  bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary music studies at Berklee Online.


His song catalogue includes “This Love Will Never Fade,” “There’s Always Tomorrow,” “Why’d You Have To Leave Me?”,”You Are My Heroes.” Count on Me”, “A Little Bit of Respect’’, ‘’Turn Around’’, ‘’Birthday Wishes”, “You’re The One”, ‘No One Knows”, etc. Most of them were composed by him.

Internet sensation

Sparsh is an Internet sensation. He has performed in front of a billion people through television and the Internet. He has amassed over 300 million views on all social media platforms and is followed in 150+ countries. He was ranked as one of the top 10 child prodigies of Indian origin.

Motivational Speaker

Sparsh has given motivational speeches at TEDx Gateway (4 times), United Nations (2 times), Google, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson (3 times), Infosys (20K audiences), Cisco (2 times), Walmart, Accenture, VMalaysia (20K audiences), NBA Preseason Referee Meet, World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and more. Sparsh has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows and hosted several shows as a keynote speaker.

The Philanthropist

Sparsh has helped raise more than $2 million for several charities, including the Literacy Drive for Guyana Orphanages, St. Jude’s, Heart and Hand for the Handicapped, victims of the Chennai floods, The Heart and Hand for Handicapped, Share and Care Foundation, Sankara Eye Foundation, 5K Charity events for New Jersey Institute for Disabilities, March of Dimes, South Asian American Community Outreach, Enable Inc, FOP, CRY America Inc., Garden of Dreams Foundation, Encourage Kids Foundation, Joey Logano Foundation, VOSAP, NeverStart, Care4Brittle Bones, Rotary Club, etc.

The Genius

Sparsh is multi-talented. He can speak in four different English accents, has memorised 250 digits of Pi, and recites the 12 longest terms in the English lexicon in 18 seconds. In addition to acting in the developmental reading of the play, ‘The Greatest Choice’ at the Crossroads Theatre in New Jersey, he has written numerous poems, short tales, and motivational and humorous speeches, among others.

Guinness World Records Holder

By keeping his legs up in the air for 120 minutes (2 hours) at a 45-degree angle, Sparsh Shah has officially achieved the title of “Guinness World Records Holder” for the “Longest Raised Leg Hold” in July 2022. He achieved this incredible achievement through regular practice, perseverance, and unwavering resolve despite suffering from an incurable illness that causes brittle bones and more than 150 fractures.

Brittle Bone Rapper

A documentary titled “Brittle Bone Rapper,”  published in March 2018, focused on Sparsh’s life experience and battle with the disease. At the massive ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston, he performed the Indian national anthem in front of Prime Minister Modi, US President Donald Trump, and a crowd of approximately 50,000 people.


Sparsh has won numerous prestigious awards, including “In the Limelight” Rebranding Disability Through Achievement, Danny Music Award, International Youngest Achiever, Global Indian Award, Champion of Hope, Champion of Inclusion, Junior Phenom Award, Special Achievements Award, Inspiration Award of Excellence, Most Inspiring Individual Award, YONO SBI 20 Under 20 “Global Indian – Male” Award, and many more. He has appeared in Little Big Shots, Kaun Banega Crorepati, and World’s Greatest Motivators and is best known for his viral cover video of Eminem’s song “Not Afraid.

According to the doctors, this genius, who was expected to survive a day or two after his birth, astounds us with his talent and “never die” attitude. His passion for music influenced his life irrevocably. Apart from being a musician, he is also a motivational speaker who impacts the lives of many through his music and words.

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