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As Your Dream, So Shall You Become: Aryan Tripathi, The youngest Entrepreneur in Central India

Thoughts are conscious processes that occur independently of sensory stimulation. They are powerful stimuli that can shape our memory. Powerful thoughts can change one’s life. As the British philosopher James Allen wrote, the starting point of all achievement is a strong vision. Columbus appreciated the idea of ​​another world, and he found it. Copernicus developed the notion of the multiplicity of the world and ​​a more expansive universe, which he revealed. Buddha imagined a spiritual world of peace and beauty and entered it. As Aryan had many dreams since he was a child,  he fulfilled one after another to become the youngest entrepreneur in Bhopal.

Aryan Tripathi is the founder & C E O of Adymize (India’s Best Advertising Agency). He is well-known for his marketing abilities. He is not only an entrepreneur and expert in marketing but also a YouTuber and Ted speaker. His company, Adymise, is a digital marketing agency and  Facebook’s official business partner.

Aryan Tripathi, the youngest digital entrepreneur in India, is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Aryan has scaled more than 46 businesses through his online marketing expertise.

Longing for a computer

Aryan, like many other digital-age children, has been fascinated by computers and computer games since childhood. He never asked for anything because he knew his middle-class family couldn’t afford it. After a long time, on the occasion of his birthday, he requested a computer, and his father purchased him a used computer. They went to buy a net setter with the money he received from his family.His thought was how to enjoy life with the computer. But when they returned after purchasing the net setter, Aryan changed his mind when he saw his father, who was financially struggling. His focus shifted to how to make money.

Aryan Tripathi: The founder & C E O of Adymize

Way of making money

Aryan began looking for ways to earn money after that. He viewed the videos. His inquisitive mind sought out the process and studied video editing techniques. He desired to install the necessary software. However, he installed it and created his channel.

Youtube Channel

Aryan started uploading Tech videos. He learned new things and the other hand, made videos based on them. It slowly paid off. As revenues increased, he became more concerned with how they were paid. He gradually became aware of all the advertisements and brands and started watching marketing videos. Later, Aryan began using the camera. He made mistakes at first. He even made videos explaining his mistakes while handling a new camera.

His First Attempt At Marketing

He received an email one night asking him to sell his channel. He initially thought it was a joke. He requested 900 dollars and agreed.

Fulfilling His Dreams

Aryan used this money to purchase something he had previously desired. Thus he achieved financial independence.


He began inquiring about his earnings from the person who purchased his channel. As a result, he came across Dropshipping. He made a lot of money from it.


His life shows the connection between aspiration and achievement

Not Bed Of Rosses Always

Aryan invested in Dropshipping, but it failed this time. As a result, that steadily rising graph began to fall. He was devastated. He had to start from the beginning. He then concentrated on Facebook ads. He is looking for dropshipping through these ads. He initiated stores in the US and rebuilt the graph

Advertisements On Himself

Aryan’s Instagram post about his own experience drew the attention of others. As a result, people were drawn to him because it provided him with another opportunity to thrive and earn money. As a result, he launched Adymize.


Aryan made a lot of money at a young age through this advertising agency. He created advertisements for business leaders such as M B A Chaiwala and others.


It is an online learning platform that trains new and inexperienced digital marketing professionals to run online campaigns. ‘Learnmize’ has already educated over 10,000 students, and the company wants everyone to understand the power of social media. The one-of-a-kind platform assists students in learning everything there is to know about the digital medium.

Inspiring Words

According to his experience, one should not underestimate himself. If one can think about something specific. He is certainly capable of doing so.

Aryan Tripathi began his money-making journey at the age of seventeen. His middle-class upbringing necessitated the need for him to work. He began Youtubbing and then moved on to Dropshipping to accomplish this. His path was not always easy; he had to work hard and take many risks. He once lost everything he had worked for. But, not wanting to fail, he restarted everything. As a result, he rebuilds his career step by step. Aryan advanced in his online ventures and founded Adymize. He intends to educate people while also developing a strong business strategy. Aryan’s primary skills are web development and online branding. Aryan tells his inspiring life story and helps everyone understand the connection between aspiration and achievement.

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