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Bravely conquering the heights: Renju Renjimar, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Renju Renjimar

A warrior resides within everyone. Depending on our circumstances, it may or may not materialise. Many notable figures in our culture are working to uplift society in many ways. Renju Renjimar is a powerful icon, overcoming the momentous challenge of perfecting the female soul imprisoned in a male body and igniting the flames of enlightenment for society.

The First Transgender Celebrity Makeup Artist

Renju Renjimar, Kerala’s first transgender “celebrity and bridal” makeup artist, is renowned for her unique makeup looks. Having started her career in the makeup industry 26 years ago with her self-taught makeup skills in female makeup and bridal makeup artistry, she now does makeup for many celebrities, models and brides in India and abroad. She is constantly improving her skills by learning new techniques in the field of makeup art.

Field of Expertise

Renju specialises in Magical Eye Makeup, a complete eye shadow application that allows users to apply eye shadow without the fuss of brushes and pots. She is one of the most sought-after makeup artists by celebrities in the film industry.


Born and bought up in an ordinary village named Punthalathazham in Kollam, Renju was the fourth child of a labourer father and a cashew factory worker mother.

Overcoming Struggles

Renju aspired to a successful academic career. Unfortunately, she was compelled to work in the brick factory following her 10th-class exams because of her financial struggles. Being imprisoned in a male body gave her a difficult childhood. She was treated with poojas and consultations because the society she lived in saw her circumstances as a disability. They never acknowledged that diversity. Even though she was still unsure of how to go, she continued with the hope that one day she would explore her sexuality. Due to work commitments, Renju could not complete her under-graduation from Fatima Mata National College and had to work in a variety of occupations, including timber mills and household chores.

Mother, Her Motivator

Her mother is her supporting pillar, who always understands her. For her, she is nothing without her mother.

To Ernakulam

Renju was brought to Ernakulam on the pretence of working in a law firm. She was, however, intended to serve as a domestic maid. When Renju quit that job and moved out of that house, she became acquainted with many people in her community. She struggled hard to survive on Rs 2 each day and was confused about how to proceed in life.


Gender harassment forced her to abandon the film location once. But, she overcame all the challenges because of her strength, perseverance, and hard work, which helped her establish herself as a well-known celebrity makeup artist. Renju has done a lot to advance the notion that gender identity is not determined by sex.

Making a Turn

Assisting Ambika Pillai at Wills India Fashion Week was one of her defining moments in the makeup industry, which gave her a big start. Additionally, she conducted extensive studies and investigations in the fields of bridal and magical makeup. Since then, she has been working for South Indian personalities.

To Bollywood

Renju made her feature debut in the Bollywood industry with Madhubala’s transformation for her re-entry. She has also completed unique projects for renowned costume designers Harianand and Naushija.  During International Fashion Week 2011, she collaborated with famous international costume designer Sanjana Jon.

Perfection of Femininity

In May 2020, Renju underwent sex reassignment surgery after establishing her social position. Renju acquired her identity card as a woman in 2021. Using this identity card, she exercised her right to vote in the 2021 assembly election. She felt relieved that society and the government recognised her as a woman. Although she could not enjoy this hard-won femininity as a mother, she finds happiness as the mother of the naughty kids of her community.

Dora Beauty World

She currently manages Dora Beauty World, Parlour and Academies in Ernakulam, Angamaly, Kollam, and Dubai, and is opening shortly in Kozhikode.

Empowerment For The Society

Dora’s goal is to give many girls a chance to live independently. It empowers a generation with financial stability.


Renju Renjimar was given the 2016 Social Welfare Department of Kerala State Award for Most Popular Makeup Artist. She was recognised as the best makeup artist of the year by Pravasi Malayali Association for Bhama’s makeup and was honoured with Malayali Media Women Excellence In Beauty And Makeover Award in 2022.

Renju Renjimar is a role model for society. She has overcome numerous obstacles since coming to terms with who she is and establishing herself as a well-known transgender celebrity makeup artist. After learning her true identity at the age of five, Renju surmounted several challenges to become the managing director and brand ambassador of an international commercial organisation. She was fortunate enough to work for the royal Arackal family, Bollywood celebs, and all, even when her community was perceived as underprivileged. Belonging to the LGBT community, she faced hurdles on her way up. But she prevailed over them fiercely. She is actively involved in community projects and empowering women to succeed financially.

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