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Brushstrokes of Resilience: Sanoj Nadayil, The Multi-Talented Artist

Life still falls short of our expectations; sometimes, it gives everything without asking for anything, and other times it quickly discards everything. An unexpected accident happened at a good point in his life, which cost him his profession and the girl he loved. But he persisted in his efforts. Art aided him there as well. He used his left hand to represent what was reflected in his mind.

Sanoj Nadayil is a painter, digital creator, motivational speaker, poet, Orator and ‘kalamezhuthu’ artist. He is a native of the Vilakkuvettom village in the Punalur taluk of the Kollam district.

Turning Point  In His Life

In 2009, at the age of 24, Sanoj lost his right arm in an accident. He was working as a freelance woodcarver and wanted to become an actor. This accident forced him to give up his passion, dream and relationship.

The Evolution of a Painter

Sanoj had a difficult time adjusting to his new existence. He wanted his life to go on as usual. So he started working with his left hand while in the hospital. He uses his canvas to express his feelings and desires. He also organises painting exhibitions along with other arts.

The mask – Unnoticed things before our eyes

It is a short documentary directed by Sanoj Nadayil focusing on the dangerous consequences of human carelessness by carelessly throwing face masks on the road after use. He demonstrated his directing skills with that brief documentary, in addition to his writing and art.

Portrait Of The Business Magnet

Sanoj created a portrait of  M A Yusuff Ali that received much attention. Following that, Sanoj got an opportunity to meet and present it to him. Sanoj received a substantial amount of money and many gifts as a reward from Yusuff Ali, which he used for the construction of his new residence.


‘Kaariyan’ is a recently released Malayalam horror short film. While Nainesh Mohan and his team portray ‘Kaariyan’ as the faith of the downtrodden, Sanoj steps towards his dream of acting through this.


Despite setbacks in life, Sanoj encourages people to live happily. He currently owns a fancy store in his village, Vilakkuvettom. His wife Viji and son Yuvan are his strength. His skills are a wonder to those around him. This blessed artist proves that nothing can shake his determination. He began a new life centred on art from the point where he broke down. Sanoj developed his innate abilities after being injured. He participates in charitable endeavours and is a strong political activist.  For him, art is his love and life struggle. This brave warrior lives his life by indulging in that art and making others happy.

Credits and References