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Swaraj Singh: The Young Man of Dedication

Talents are blessings from God. It varies from person to person. From childhood, Swaraj Singh realised his inner talents and made acting his path. Surviving all the trials life has thrown his way, he has channelled his acting skills to storytelling.

Swaraj Singh is a famous Storyteller, Writer, Actor, TEDx and Josh Talks speaker. He hails from a Rajput family from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He was born to an orthodox family who never considered any offbeat career an option. Swaraj completed his MBA in Marketing and then moved to Mumbai to pursue his acting dreams.

Recognising Talent

Swaraj developed an early interest in extra-curricular subjects such as dance, singing,guitar, drum,octapad,ukulele,drawing,sports and martial arts. He discovered his love for acting while studying in the tenth standard. He has won two national prizes in martial arts and painting.

He is always ecstatic to face the camera

Passion For Acting

Along with his studies, he performed in print advertisements and worked as a model in Bangalore. He won a few fashion contests and got the chance to appear in a Tamil movie as a cameo. He is always ecstatic to face the camera.

Reaching His Dream City

He selected ‘Actors Prepare’ to study for the diploma course in acting. Swaraj was very excited to attend the audition and was selected. He resided there as in his dreams. Life moved as per his wish.

Lost His Supporting Father

Swaraj lost his father, who was battling cancer. He lost confidence, gained weight and forgot acting when he returned to Mumbai. His financial situation also changed at that time.

He struggled to rekindle his passion and succeeded

Phase Of Survival

He did many jobs there for his survival. He worked as a Gym trainer, and bouncer and also worked in a call centre on the night shift. Swaraj also got a job offer as a male escort. But his main concern was to build a career in acting. For that, he could afford the expenses. So, he joined a corporate job. Swaraj spent the day at the office, the evenings at the theatre, and the rest of the time exercising, cooking, and doing other things. Over five and a half years, he worked hard for 18 to 20 hours per day. However, Swaraj managed everything. He was going through a difficult time. Swaraj worked hard, improved his acting skills and appeared in many TV serials. He also acted as the lead in a Bollywood film, but it could not release. Swaraj was unhappy because he did not receive much recognition. But he persisted in his struggles.

To The World Of Fame

Mehak Mirza Prabhu, a storyteller introduced Swaraj to the world of Storytelling. She supported him for his debut work, “Bhookh.” in 2018. The story dealt with childhood hunger and was well-received. It opened the door for his acceptance as a storyteller and “Bhook” was displayed in the juvenile section of Tihar prison. Hinglish, Anmol, The Rapist, Gawaiya, and Anna are some of his other works. Additionally, he made cameo appearances in several short movies, such as “The Trust,” “Conversation Killer,” “Pyada,” “Red Scarf,” and others.

“Stories with Swaraj” captures a range of nuance and feelings

Stories With Swaraj

The theatrical production “Stories with Swaraj” captures a range of nuance and feelings. It gives viewers a new experience. He performed his shows in over fifteen different places.


Swaraj enjoys imparting his acting skills and storytelling skills to others. He founded an online-offline school, “IS-KOOL, in 2019 to mentor and train actors and storytellers.

Swaraj was ambitious from childhood. With the support of his parents, this versatile talent chose his artistic career. After completing his studies, he happily moved to the city of dreams. After his father’s death,he did many odd jobs to support his passion. At the same time, he began performing in theatre to polish his acting skills. When he stepped into the arena of storytelling, it showcased his theatrical expertise. Every time he performed a story, his audience was enthralled by his characters and transported to another world. Each of his stories has a deep lesson and has received several standing ovations. Swaraj brings a fresh experience to the audience and through him, this ancient art form of fictional oral storytelling has been given new life.

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