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The phoenix who changed his destiny through football: K V Fasil

The people of Kerala are always very enthusiastic about football. Its fame grows as one travels towards the Malabar region, particularly the Malappuram area. The game was introduced to Kerala in the pre-independence period by British officers of the Malabar Special Police in the twentieth century, was adopted by the natives and became the heartthrob. Kerala contributed eminent football players such as I. M. Vijayan, V. P. Sathyan, C. V. Pappachan, Jo Paul Ancheri, Victor Manjila, E.N. Sudhir C A. Liston, and others.

K V Fasil, an aspiring youth from the Malappuram district, defied his fate of being born without the right foot and bending in the left, and today he is a footballer, a team member of F.C Kerala. This differently-abled man is playing a game with regular people.


When Fasil was born, doctors determined that he was unable to walk. His father, Muhammad and mother, Ramla were not ready to accept it.They made a firm decision to resolve the issue.

Saving Each Penny

Fasil’s father who was a Porter saved money to treat him. After three surgeries, they corrected the bend and implanted a fibre foot on the right side. At the age of four, he began walking.


Fasil aspired to be a professional football player. When he first started playing football, his parents were worried that he would get injured. However, he continued with the game. Fasil began his career with LEO FC and trained with his friends at Smarts Sports Club in this city. His friends are his pillar of support. The young man believes that he would not have been able to achieve anything if his friends had not joined him to play football

The young man who defies fate with willpower

Difficulties While Playing

If he went to play, he would have to change his fibre foot weekly and his boot every six months. He used to repair it by himself. Fasil never bowed his head in the face of defeat; instead, he kicked the ball and played the game. He accepted the challenge. That game got him into the Ve Go Club. That boy on stilts made his debut in Malappuram’s Fives and Sevens.

Painful Memory

While in school, Fasil went to register for a trial. But the teacher in charge rejected him and asked him to join another game where he could sit down and play. He returned home deeply disappointed. He did not give up hope and returned to the same school the following year. Fortunately, that teacher was not there and he was chosen.


He was a member of the Pookkarathara Darul Hidaya Orphanage’s Higher Secondary School football team. Fasil’s college team entry was prevented by Corona while he was studying at Ponnani MES College.

Turning Point

Fasil’s fate changed when FC Kerala, Edapall manager Stephen Challissery arrived at the tournament at Naduvattam Green Field Trough. Stephen was interested in him and invited him to join the team, but it was only then that Fasil’s physical condition became clear to him. But he stuck to the offer, and now Fasil plays for FC.

Phoenix Award

Fasil was selected by Padma Shri Mammootty from the news entries for Kairali Chairman’s Special Award in Phoenix Awards 2022.

K V Fasil was now in the fame. Fasil accepted the risks and entered the world of football with the support of his family and friends. He began in clubs, then moved on to schools, and has now arrived at Kerala F C.He was the one who used his strong willpower to overcome those prejudices and pursues his passion. Holding on to his desire and kicking all those obstacles with his powerful left leg enabled him to realise his dream.

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