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Vysakh S R: A Success Story of Determination and Fortitude

Vysakh S R

There needs to be a goal in life. Embrace each challenge with courage. Overcoming barriers is the objective. No matter how often you fail, the idea is to keep trying until you achieve. Fascinated by football since childhood, this young man lost his right leg while running for it. Faced with loss and confusion about what to do next, he bounced back with determination. This promising youngster returned to the pitch with grit and epitomised sheer strength.

Vysakh S R, otherwise called Vysakh Perambra, the captain of the Indian Amputee football team, hails from Perambra in the Kozhikode district. He is a member of the national squad and the captain of Kerala’s sitting volleyball team. He is a motivational speaker and AIFF D Licensed Coach.

Educational Status

He completed his schooling at Perambra High School and earned his degree from St Joseph’s College, Devagiri in Zoology. Despite difficulties, he also continued his education and earned a post-graduate degree in Pharmacy course from Government Homeopathic Medical College, Calicut.

Passionate Football Player

Vysakh has been obsessed with football since he was a young boy. It drew criticism from his teachers as he was the son of a teacher and prioritised football over studies.

Beyond His Reach

Vysakh lost his right leg in a bike accident at the age of thirteen while travelling to the district football team’s selection camp. After his leg amputation, he was frustrated that he could not continue his favourite sports. He detested the sympathy his relatives offered him. His friends were his relief and motivators at that time.


With the help of friends, he gradually started playing indoor games and switched to using a wheelchair. His friends prompted him to play volleyball, cricket etc, on the outside pitches while sitting in a wheelchair.

Vysakh then realised that losing a limb was not the end of life but a new beginning. He was pleased and even forgot his impairment and played brilliantly as his friends never treated him like a disabled player on the pitch, which he believes is his success in life.

Return to his Dream Field

Vysakh underwent months of physical therapy to get back to his original form. After multiple treatments, He relearned to swim and drive the car on one leg. Later, he found he could walk faster on crutches and even kick the ball at the same speed. With time he was able to play football with ease.

Positive Outlook

Vysakh met with that accident on September 2. Since then, he has been celebrating that day as his rebirth. For this reason, he decided to wear the number two jersey.


Vysakh attributes all of his success to his family and friends. His family have always been encouraging all his endeavours. In addition to football, he likes to go on tours and treks.

The Idea Of the Amputee Team

While he was playing with his hostel friends, the football Coach of Devagiri College inquired whether there were any other players like him to set up a team. But there were no amputee footballers available, but he learned that Kerala has an amputee volleyball squad. Hence, Vysakh decided to join the Kerala volleyball amputee team and later represented the Indian volleyball amputee team at an international level.


Vysakh captained Kerala in the 2015 National Sitting Volleyball Championship for the Physically Challenged. He also represented India in the standing volleyball at the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Cup in Colombo in January 2015. At the 2016 Paralympics, Vysakh competed on the Indian volleyball squad. He was the guest star of the Yuva Kerala Club at the Busayteen Ground in Manama, Bahrain, and was invited as the ISL’s top guest in Guwahati. He has performed for many clubs.

To His Dream Point

He led the Indian team in the country’s first-ever international amputee football match in Kenya.

Vysakh valiantly confronted his challenges and stood his ground. He provided an example of how a person’s choices, regardless of the situation, affect his level of success in life. His success resulted from his perseverance, hard effort, and deep enthusiasm for football as well as the support of his loved ones. Vysakh inspires us to face obstacles fearlessly by setting an excellent epitome. May he continue to work hard to achieve his goals, which he has already done with tenacity and endurance.

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