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From Personal Motive To The C E O Of Earth Rhythm: Harini Sivakumar, The Woman Entrepreneur

Harini Sivakumar is the founder and CEO of Earth Rhythm and also a successful online retailer and cosmetic chemist. At the age of thirty-five, she built a personal brand worth 200 crores. Earth Rhythm presents beauty, skincare, and haircare items of the highest quality. It asserts that the goods are secure, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and degradable. More than a hundred employees work for Earth Rhythm, including disabled people and women. The brand distributes one hundred and sixty products via its website, social media sites, and online marketplaces. Customisation and sustainability are its primary selling points.


Harini hopes to achieve high customer satisfaction with her business while continuing to offer her customers quality products. She also expects to introduce new items, explore the local market, and make investments in individuals who can help her along the way. They want to build a powerful brand backed by scientific research that is clean, safe, biodegradable, and clinically effective. She plans for a sustainable cosmetic line of products.

Educational Status

She graduated from Chennai College with a degree in commerce and earned an MBA in retail Management.

Passion For Profession

Harini Sivakumar left her banking job. She was a homemaker for seven years as she wanted to provide particular care for her kid, who had Down syndrome. Everything seemed commercial, and the majority of the products had strong scents, which may be highly irritating to her son’s sensitive skin. Due to the lack of natural skincare goods, she decided to learn more about skincare products. She took numerous courses before beginning to produce her soaps. In 2017 she launched Soapworks India in Delhi. Initially, the brand sold soaps.

Earth Rhythm

Harini decided to expand her brand. When her father Mr Sivakumar joined the company, it changed its name to Earth Rhythm in 2018. Shampoo bars were their first product. Earth Rhythm started working in 2019. She found it difficult to leave her son at home. However, she managed to escape her “comfort zone”, This made her son reach the milestone to communicate with the other family members in her absence.

Being a company that was born in the digital age, the website generates the majority of sales (about 75% of total sales). Moreover, the business has affiliate relationships with other websites like Amazon, Nykaa, and so on, which account for up to 25% of sales.

Building a D2C Skincare Brand: Journey Of Soapworks India To Earth Rhy

Changes in The Pandemic

According to Harini, the pandemic has caused a significant shift in consumer thought, and personal hygiene is highly valued. A physical store is not necessary for the personal care market to be significantly impacted. Since they only operate online, they don’t notice any changes in demand. The demand for personal care products rose, and the revenue increased four times the previous year.

The equity division of Anicut Capital, Anicut Angel Fund, contributed $1.2 million as initial investments for Earth Rhythm. The company stated that the funds would be better utilised for marketing, team expansion, clinical research, and product development.

Women empowerment

Women had a lot of potential, but frequently they were unable to achieve it. Earthly Rhythm decided to hire educated women from the economically underprivileged part of the population for blue-collar jobs. Earth Rhythm is certified by Ecocert, one of the largest certifying bodies in the world, which guarantees top-notch manufacture and sourcing.

Message from Harini

Harini advises young girls to cherish their dreams and never give up. She conveys the idea that everyone can achieve in their career if they are passionate and persistent enough, as demonstrated by Harini, who leads a brand worth two hundred crores despite having no previous experience in the business.

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