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India’s Most Iconic Chaiwala: Prafull Billore

”M B A Chaiwala”, Prafull Billore is a young man who fought against many obstacles and reached his goal with perseverance and hard work. In 2017, he launched MBA Chai Wala, which means “Mr Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala.” By the end of this year, he plans to make his presence known in 200 Indian cities with more than 1,000 employees. This mission is driven by his desire to promote entrepreneurship throughout India and make the country the startup capital of the world.

Failures In His Life

Prafull decided to attend IIM, Ahmedabad, to pursue graduate studies. He spent more than ten hours a day studying for the CAT exam. His parents were confident that he would crack the exam. Unfortunately, he attempted the exam three times and failed. Prafull was consequently depressed and found it difficult to concentrate on anything. After bidding farewell to his books, he packed his bag and visited different locations, such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

A New Beginning

In Ahmedabad, Prafull was hired at McDonald’s. He had gone through a period of experimentation. He began with the cleaning crew, advanced to the kitchen staff, and finally got the opportunity to take orders from clients.

Mr Billore

Building his own Identity

He wanted to start a new business to establish his identity. Before starting a cafe, he considered several options. He was impressed by the marketing possibilities of tea the most widely consumed aromatic beverage in India. Prafull wished to establish a business by “dreaming big and starting small.” It took 45 days for him to gain the confidence to launch the firm. His father helped him by giving him some money with the expectation that he would enrol in a master’s programme. Prafull thus opened a tea store, which was quite successful due to his ability to interact with customers and his unique approach to serving food. In the meantime, he joined a local MBA college to convince his father. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue there

“The Chai- Preneur”

Unbeatable confidence

The jealousy of other vendors towards Praful grew as the number of customers increased. Together they drove him out of the area. Because of this, Prafull felt more assured of his capacity to achieve. He got in touch with the owner of a nearby hospital and hired a place close to the hospital. He relaunched the business by opening a new tea shop. His novel tea-serving method attracted the attention of customers at that location. He eventually started selling coffee and snacks. Then Prafull started the new restaurant under the brand name “Mr Billore Ahmedabad Chaiwala”. His business is thriving, generating millions of monthly revenue.

Fastest Growing Chai Cafe Chain

The M B A Chaiwala

He has given speeches on more than 200 occasions, such as entrepreneurship, conferences and women’s empowerment programmes. He supplied free chai to single people on Valentine’s Day. It got a lot of attention on all social media platforms, propelling him to international fame.

Prafull empowers young people to understand and practise entrepreneurship. From his experience, everyone can learn, that nothing is impossible if you want to succeed in life. There will be setbacks. Move forward. Don’t wallow in despair. Big aspirations demand hard work. He started from a tea stall to a multi-crore business. His marketing strategies and dedication to his profession made him what he is today.

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