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Talent Beyond Age: Muhammad Ameen

A technologically evolving world does not demand your age or qualifications. The only thing that matters is your skill. Muhammad Ameen is a prodigy in coding. At thirteen, he taught hundreds of students about the basics of coding. At the age of eight, this Kochi-based boy became acquainted with coding.

Great Support from the Family

He is the son of Shihabudheen and Rabeena and has three sisters. Ameen’s parents teach at their ‘Akmis Future School’ in Kochi. His parents recognized his potential and guided him to the best route.

Coding Became A Passion

First, he attended a CBSE school, then switched to an alternative education scheme founded by his father, Shihabuddin, five years ago. He provided elementary knowledge of science and technology. As part of technology, he explained the fundamentals of coding to Ameen. He coded like playing computer games. Within a short period, he began creating his games using block programming. Ameen, who started learning coding at the age of eight, began to teach others within two years.

Ameen was invited to coding workshops. He provided classes to schools directly before Covid. Those who agreed to attend his first session did not turn up. Thus he lectured the faculties at that institution. Slowly the number of students increased. When the Pandemic came, they took a break.

Online Coding Classes Through ABC Company 

He founded Any Body Can (ABC) Coding Institute when he was ten. They focus on coding classes for students between the ages of 6 and 20. They hired some engineers and trained them to teach. He was taking classes up to six hours per day at the time. Ameen was also in charge of training the teachers.

According to Ameen, When it comes to their online coding training, they offer a great deal of freedom. They hold the classes over Google Meet. So that the coding tutors, as well as the students, can easily access them. The schedule was fixed by the students. They provide classes based on Javascript, Python, website development, artificial intelligence, etc.

Akmis Future School

According to Ameen’s father, they use a reverse engineering model and show the output first which piques the learner’s attention. Then, they disassemble the system and attempt to reconstruct the output based on the theory they learned. This is in contrast to traditional learning, in which a large amount of theory is fed. They created the curriculum intending to capture the interest of a young learner and relied on Ameen to reach out to people his age. Students have the option to choose and the teaching process depends upon the child’s long-term goals. They use gamification to teach the lessons.

Ameen encourages everyone to grow according to their choices. Success will undoubtedly follow. He commented that children of his age were addicted to games. By learning the coding classes, one could create the game and earn. He wants others to be creators of the game, not consumers. ABC coders run programmes like Back to code, Techspedition and so on to create awareness of coding among the students of Kerala.

Muhammad Ameen proves that age is no barrier to success in any field if entered with interest. ABC Coders is now providing training to students all over the world. In his spare time, Ameen hopes to work on new projects and broaden his knowledge of IT. ABC Coders will be able to employ more than 100 people within a few years.