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People Better Than Me

Everyone in this world is extremely busy. Nobody has time to meddle in other people’s business. Life still doesn’t go according to plan, yet every issue we face has a solution. You must resolve these issues and then move on. When we recognise life as the name of such a race, it will be time for us to rest eternally.

If we are not attentive, numerous things can disturb the tranquillity of our transitory existence.  Ego, despair, rage, fear, and lack of confidence are some of them. They will remain companions for some people. For some others, they are occasional visitors and even there are a few who can suppress these feelings.  But when do these emotions start to impact us? When we experience difficulties in life, especially when we compare ourselves to others or experience disappointments.

We all live in the world of social media today. It is always filled with flawless images. We frequently witness beautiful, prosperous, and content individuals. On social media, they often emphasise their best actions and triumphs, giving the impression that everything is flawless and always going well. It can make you feel like people are better than me when social media only captures a curated version of people’s lives, not the whole picture.


There are comparisons in every field. Perhaps comparing things is a habit that develops early in life. Childhood comparisons continue to haunt us and take the form of inferiority or superiority complexes. The very thought that everyone is better than me comes to us as a result of an inferiority complex, which can be a very debilitating feeling. The conviction that everyone is better than me is a debilitating belief that prevents us from reaching our full potential.

Life-altering consequences might result from believing that others are superior to you. Inadequacy, low self-esteem, and anxiety are a few examples. Additionally, it may encourage you to try fewer risks or novel experiences. Furthermore, if you consistently evaluate yourself with others, you will never be happy with your accomplishments.

It’s typical to encounter “people better than me,” but keep in mind that this is untrue. Remember that you are exceptional and precious and have something to contribute to the world.


  • Challenge your negative perceptions
  • Accentuate your attributes and achievements
  • Embrace the good people around you
  • Use self-love and self-care techniques
  • Make realistic objectives

Break free from cultural norms and establish your standards for success. Instead of attempting to equal the accomplishments of others, choose goals that are consistent with your values and passions. Adopt a mindset centred on your personal development and improvement rather than comparing yourself to others. Accept challenges as chances for growth and learning.

It’s essential to keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to live and the ‘people better than me’ concept does not exist. Each one is distinct. Everybody has talent. It affects everyone in some capacity. What functions for one individual might not function for another. The key is to be true to yourself and work towards your fulfilment. Your journey is what you should focus on, so celebrate it. Pursue your dreams and success will be yours.