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Radiating Joy Through Her Experiences: Anupriya Kapur With “Mom on the Run”

Anupriya Kapur

Postpartum depression affects one in five women, an alarming statistic that most of us ignore or are advised to suffer in silence. Its symptoms can differ from person to person. It might range from agitation to melancholy, unexplained sobbing, and thoughts of worthlessness or hopelessness. It might cause suicidal thoughts if untreated for a long period. Sometimes, even the person experiencing it might not be aware of it. Dealing with the experience of a single mother who survived the clutches of depression and now enjoys every second with her son like a free bird.

Anupriya Kapur is a blogger, fitness influencer and entrepreneur. Kapoor is a single parent who battled postpartum depression to emerge as an inspiration to women of all ages through her positive and inspirational content.

She is a blogger, fitness influencer and entrepreneur

Without A Partner

According to Anupriya, being a single parent in our society is challenging. She and her husband got an amicable divorce, allowing her sole custody of her child. Anupriya didn’t feel incomplete about not having a companion.

Postpartum Depression, The Silent Enemy

Having been molested by her uncle during childhood, she became more cautious with the child and decided to stay home after giving birth to a boy. But, she later realised that her choice was not good because it seemed worthless. Hormonal changes can lead to depression in new mothers. Similarly, Anupriya too suffered from postpartum depression more than five years after the birth of her son. For no apparent reason, she was upset, depressed, and frustrated. Anupriya even used every opportunity to hurt him and struck herself for what she had done to him. She even questioned her existence and contemplated suicide. She lost herself completely.

Anupriya offers advice on single parenting and dispels ordinary health and lifestyle conventions

Seeking For Assistance

She requested assistance from her family and friends, but they perceived it as attention-seeking behaviour.

A Runner

She desired to punish herself physically to conceal her emotional suffering, so she preferred running. Anupriya yearned to escape from everything. Running helped her stay happy and peaceful. She felt happiness in running extra kilometres. And so she recognised the runner in her. She gradually regained her motherly passion. Her mind was stabilised by meditation. Thus she started meditating for 20 minutes every day and also practised pranic healing. She has run two full marathons, including the Bengaluru Marathon, numerous half marathons, and a 10-kilometre race.

She instills important life skills in all women to help them become the best versions of themselves

Mom on The Run

Anupriya Kapoor decided to blog about her experience with postpartum depression to reach out to other mothers who suffer from the same through her ‘Mom on the run’. Her body-positive content, travel postings, and fitness videos encourage her followers to live a healthy, active lifestyle and motivate them to travel the world. She also offers advice on single parenting and dispels ordinary health and lifestyle conventions.

Co-founder of startup Imbue Natural

She became the co-founder of Imbue four years ago. The company is outspoken about sexual health and personal cleanliness and provides solutions for women’s problems.

Today, she has transformed her passion into a successful venture

Tips for Ladies

She instils in all women three key life skills that will help them become better versions of themselves: having a hobby, being financially independent, and exercising.

Anupriya Kapoor overcame several obstacles and now uses her blog to motivate people around. Several individuals have been encouraged to look after their physical and emotional health because of Anupriya’s ‘Mom on the Run’. Today, she has transformed her passion into a successful start-up called Imbue, where she develops products that inspire women to pursue and advance their ambition. She gets much support from her father and fourteen-year-old son. Her determination to come out of all through running and meditation marked the change in her. She thus began to breathe normally, freed from restraints, encouraging everyone through her contents and radiating rays of happiness.

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