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Dinesh Mohan: Defying Age and Embracing Dreams

Dinesh Mohan

Is getting old stopping you from dreaming? How would today’s generation react if told to change their appearance as they age? Dinesh Mohan’s recovery from lost health demonstrates that age is only a number. He not only recovered his health, but at the age of 64, he is a dazzling figure in the fashion industry.

Just when the world started thinking about retirement, Model and Actor Dinesh Mohan decided to begin his second innings at the age of 62 in the world of fashion. A registered model and motivational speaker, Dinesh Mohan speaks at events. He took part in Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Hindi films.

An Ordinary Life

Dinesh was born on 16-01-1960 in Delhi. Dinesh, who comes from a middle-class family, began working right away after finishing school. He chose to become a teacher and entered a government school in Haryana. He then worked as an administrative officer at a school.

The Worst Period Of Life

Everything in his life changed after his marriage. His ideas and those of his wife, frequently clashed, which began to affect his life and mental health. He eventually decided to walk out of that relationship after ten years. He was left alone after his wife took custody of their son. But his wife’s death caused him to reunite with his son. Unfortunately, after six months, he lost his son, who had contracted rabies as a result of being bitten by a dog. It rendered him a broken man.

Phase Of Survival

He ate to destroy himself, so his weight kept piling on. Later, he couldn’t even move his body and needed assistance. Dinesh Mohan was encouraged by his sister and brother-in-law to escape that situation. They forced him to seek counselling. He found it simple to reduce weight but found it challenging to sustain his focus on the purpose of his life. Dinesh was able to get back on his feet with the assistance of a dietitian, a psychiatrist and a physiotherapist after progressively losing 50 kg. The hardest thing he had to do was start walking again.

From 130 To 81kg

He took voluntary retirement in 2004 and tried to concentrate on his personal life; nonetheless, he didn’t start working out and focusing on a healthy diet until 2014. He restored his muscle mass with weight training, and as of right now, he weighs 81 kg.

Dinesh, The Fashion Vibe @64

A Journalist impressed by Dinesh’s recovery from depression and physical transformation published an article in his newspaper. After reading his interview, modelling agencies approached him for a photo shoot as they were looking for a model of the same age. Dinesh was initially reluctant to visit the glamorous industry, but his sister stepped in and convinced him to join. His photos went viral, making him a well-known figure in the modelling world.

Into The Acting Field

Dinesh made his acting debut in 2016’s “Bharat,” playing the role of an old man. In this movie, he collaborated with Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan. He also worked in the Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and Punjabi film industries. Dinesh acted in movies such as Stand Ki Aankh, Happy Sardar (2019), and Darbar (2020).


He encourages others to experience life to the fullest. Anyone experiencing depression ought to be motivated by him in some way, or if he can offer them a ray of hope, then he is happy.


Dinesh received the Best Actor Award for his short film, ‘The Bench’, at a film festival. He earned the Pride of Nation Award for his inspirational modelling and acting career.

From barely being able to get out of bed on his own to become the pulse of the fashion world, this 64-year-old man proves through his hard work and determination that nothing is impossible when one firmly needs a change. He made a second coming at age 51 and sparkled a trend that never went out of style. Dinesh Mohan emerges as a steadfast ray of hope for people who lament their age and those who are depressed. He represented various respectable companies and well-known brands. Dinesh also models for famous designers to showcase their sense of style. He has participated in countless shootings and more than 100 shows at this age, never letting the criticism of others get to him.

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