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Transformation From Average to Extraordinary: Rehna Shajahan

Each task should be completed attentively. Working diligently and working hard are two distinct things. There is no use in fretting that I am not talented enough to do it. Everyone possesses a unique set of skills. Finding our talents is the key.

Rehna is a social activist, webinar presenter, and Josh Talks speaker. She has various degrees, including an MBA and a postgraduate diploma in guidance and counselling. 25-year-old Rehna Shajahan, a native of Kottayam, Kerala, has entered the International Book of Records for earning the most online certificates in one day. She is currently employed by Amazon as a business operations specialist.

Average to below-average student

Rahna, who attended school in Bahrain until the age of 10, found it difficult to adjust to the changes brought on by her relocation, which caused her grades to fall from average to below average. She began to perform poorly in academics and had to put up with a lot of taunting since her younger sister did well in school.

Her Choice

She continued to pursue as an average student in her academics even after shifting to Kottayam. She remained a student who preferred math over science. Rehna chooses to study commerce after finishing the tenth grade. Her family first disagreed with her choice, but they eventually came around as she was unable to continue science subjects.

.5 Away From The Seat

When she started focusing on the subjects she was interested in, she topped her very first exam and passed her B.Com with a perfect score. Rehna wrote the entrance exam of Jamia Millia Islamia for M.Com. Unfortunately, she was .5 marks away from it.

Recognising Her Strength

After her family relocated to Delhi, the social work professor and her neighbour Habeeb advised her to apply for a position as a research assistant in Jamiya Millia’s research department. She performed the task better than other PhD students.

Became part of an NGO

Dr Sharnas Muthu runs an NGO for women’s empowerment in Delhi. She prompted Rehna to join her organisation. As a result, she got exposure to new things.

Joined her Dream College

Rehna enrolled in two courses simultaneously and worked at the NGO. She subsequently passed the MBA entrance exam for three universities and joined Jamia Millia Islamia, where she had previously been rejected by.5 marks. To her surprise, she was the only person from Kerala to crack the MBA Entrepreneurship entrance exam.

During The Lockdown

Rehna completed her MBA during Covid and joined several online classes to improve her CV. She did a Google-integrated internship too. On 24 November 2020, she entered the International Book of Records after successfully achieving 81 certificates in one day with the guidance of Dr Sharnas Muthu. The majority of the courses focused on finance and digital marketing. Rahna joined the courses offered by companies like Cisco, Facebook, Google and Amazon.


According to Rehna, her family has been her source of support and her sister is her inspiration.She left her lucrative profession as a management expert in Dubai to care for her father,Mr P M Shahjahan, who underwent transplant surgery.

From a below-average student to being the lone Malayalee MBA student at Jamia Millia Islamia University was not an easy transition. Rehna was initially unhappy that her dream of attending Jamia went beyond her grasp, but she engaged in new things and pursued her MBA, which she dreamed of. Her tenacity, diligence, and passion led to her becoming a social worker and a holder of the International Book of Records. She firmly believes that God has better options when we lose something. Rehna has been featured in over media sources and selected among the “100 Most Inspiring Women of Kerala.” Rehna has trained more than 1000 students worldwide and also works as a career coach and helps students with personality development and teaches them how to pursue online courses.

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