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“My disabilities are my abilities to conquer my dreams”: Noor Jaleela


“The secret of happiness is when we stop worrying about what we don’t have and accept things as it is”. These are the words of a twenty-year-old girl, Noor Jaleela. She is carved in the mould of her own life experiences. Noor is a differently-abled girl born without forearms and legs. She never let her disabilities ruin her life but made them fuel her dreams.

Noor Jaleela is an inhabitant of Mayanadu, a small village in Kozhikode, Kerala. She is a singer, violinist, painter, motivational speaker and social activist. Noor wants to become an IAS officer. Her passion is to visit NASA and scale Everest.

Her blessings in life

She is the second daughter of Abdul Kareem and Asmabi. They named her ‘Noor’, the Arabic word for light. It was their care and support that made her courageous and confident. She grew up in a very comfortable environment. Her family never treated her as a differently abled child, they never discouraged her from doing anything. Her sister is the one who always supports her in achieving her goals. For her, it is the best place for a child like her to be born.

Seeing other children in school she asked why she won’t have forearms and legs and her family made her believe that they may grow gradually. As she grew up she realised her disabilities. Her father had cleared all her doubts by showing newspaper cuttings which had reports and photographs of people who were more handicapped than her. The notion that many people suffer more made changes in her.

Noor has been using artificial limbs since she was nine months old, made by Kozhikode Medical College Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

She was denied admission to many schools saying a disabled child on the school premises may affect their reputation. Later she was accepted by the St. Nobert International School and completed her twelfth at Navajyothi School. She said, “Officials at both schools saw my ability unlike other schools that saw only my disability”. Her friends and teachers supported her in exploring hidden talents. They shaped her to stand independent in life. Nick Vujicic and Marc Eliot are her inspirations and she wants to be like them.

Entering into the world of colours

Once her sister left her record book at home, Noor mistook it for a colouring book and painted it. Her parents instead of scolding her bought her new drawing sheets, crayons and watercolours. There started her journey in the world of colours. Her father sent her to painting classes when she was in the fifth grade. She got first prize twice and third prize in the annual national-level painting competition organised for ICSE School. Her painting was presented on the cover page of the Kerala Government’s Relief Fund Magazine. Some of her paintings were displayed at art exhibitions.

World of Music and violin

When she was in the seventh grade she started learning violin. She plays the violin by holding it downwards like a cello tying a hair band to the bow. Now she manages it well. She is a good singer and a member of music bands. Once she got an opportunity to share a stage with K S Chithra.

Her crafts

She makes paper greeting cards and customised gift items. She is famous for ‘Handless made’,  her Instagram page for selling and showcasing her craft items.

Social activities

She is a volunteer and is associated with the Institute of Palliative Medicine. Dr Anwar Hussain is her mentor and friend. It is her second home. She entertains the patients with her crafts, paintings and music. She was awarded the Eastern Bhoomika Award for The Iconic Woman of The Year 2020.