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“One World One Life One You Be You” Sameeha Junaid, The girl of dreams

Everything happens in life for a reason. Only when we face and overcome those challenges will we realise the worth of our lives. Unexpected events can make us happy or sad. The void left by her father’s death was reflected in Sameeha Junaid’s words and there by poetry. Finding solace in the verses that tumble from her pen, she now shares it with everyone through her works.

Sameeha Junaid is a third-year B-Pharm student, a podcaster, a YouTuber, a blogger, and an amateur photographer. Her books are poetry collections.

Fear of coming forward

Sameeha thought she was a child with no abilities. Children of her age discovered their talents, whereas she struggled with self-doubt and thought she wasn’t capable in a certain way.

Inner voice the unheard noise

Recognising Her Talent

She’s been scribbling in her notebook since fifth grade, but can’t find anything literary. After her father’s death, when she was studying in eleventh, she began to notice her works, which transformed pain into power. She realised that writing would help her heal, so Sameeha kept writing.

Sameeha’s family relocated from Qatar to her hometown. The traumas caused within her by the sudden migration, the stress of studies in her twelfth grade, and the pressure she faced during her NEET preparation all contributed to her depression.

Changed Her Dream

After three years of suffering, she relocated to Thrissur to pursue her dream of becoming a paediatrician. After the exam, she realised she would not get admission on merit. As a result, Sameeha put an end to that journey.

Switching To Business Account On Instagram

Back home, she changed her personal Instagram account to a business account. Whenever she is mentally stressed, pen down her thoughts on her Instagram. She slowly turned her attention to that account.

“the spontaneous overflow of feelings”

A budding writer

The comments inspired her, and she recognised her writer with full force. She was content to know that her poems gave hope to her readers. Wordsworth, the great poet, defined poetry as “the spontaneous overflow of feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity”. Sameeha expressed her stress through poetry and focused on the world of books because she preferred to live in a fantasy world rather than reality.

Dreams Come True

Her uncle asked her to publish her poems after reading them. She didn’t take it seriously at first, but he took care of everything, and her first collection was published under the title ‘One World, One Life, One You Be You.’

One World One life One you Be you

It was a collection of Fifty poems about the various aspects of self that seek solace and confidence in today’s wilderness. Being strong enough and making others happy is her daily chore.

Sameeha wanted to enjoy the enthusiasm in writing the poems. She was not satisfied as she had to tell more to her readers and also wanted to enjoy the pain and pressure of establishing a work within a particular time. The first one is a collection of poems she had chosen from those written earlier. Thus the second book was published as ‘Inner Voice, The Unheard Noise’.

The girl of dreams

Inner Voice, The Unheard Noise

According to Sameeha, noise is our inner voice. The author expresses raw emotions capable of healing and transforming weakness into strength. As a girl of dreams, the writer has written words of hope that deeply inspire and uplift the soul. The inner voice should be prioritised, because it speaks from the heart for you, guiding you on your path and allowing you to fly.

Back To Qatar

Four years later, Sameeha returned to Qatar for the official launch of her second book. There, she had to attend different programs online and in person. Sameeha was supposed to speak briefly about her book in front of the students. Because of her stage fright, she was afraid that she would be able to express her words in front of them. After four years in that location, her self-doubt got her into trouble.

Sameeha Junaid is felicitated by the Cultural Forum

Back With Confidence

Sameeha didn’t want to bow her head this time. She regained her mental strength by clinging to her dream of publishing her book and becoming a writer. She is determined to achieve her goal. If she doesn’t survive that challenge, she will never be able to accomplish her dream. She handled the situation with mental courage and self-motivation.

Following her speech, many students approached her for autographs, and she realised the opportunity. Sameeha can’t capture those moments on camera, but she says those moments always remain with her. That was the point at which she overcame her traumas and became self-motivated.

Everyone advises us to resolve the crisis as early as possible. However, handling that situation and regaining our patience and happiness is not easy. Motivation is the only solution to overcome mental trauma, fear, depression, etc.

Sameeha had been a shy child since childhood. She is unable to identify her talent because of her fear and self-doubt. Her father’s death deeply affected her. Sameeha used poetry to cope with her anxieties and does not want to leave her comfort zone. She realised her poems had become a healing tonic at a certain point. Abandoning her plans to become a doctor, Sameeha deviated into the realm of poetry. She became active on her Instagram page and began posting her thoughts there. She was welcomed there and gradually published two books with the assistance of her family.This young writer, an expatriate in Qatar, was also honoured by Cultural Forum Kodungallur Mandal Committee Moment.

The publication of her second book was one of her dreams. When she was on the verge of realising her dreams, traumas impeded her. Sameeha tightened her grip on her passion for becoming a writer and stepped out of her comfort zone, confidently overcoming all challenges. She needed to finish her dream on a happy note. She advises everyone that no one is born without talent in this world. We’ll find it sooner or later. She encourages everyone to step outside their comfort zone and will face challenges with confidence. Sometimes we had to move back, but success will surely follow.

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