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The Journey of a Brilliant Man Who Transformed Matchmaking: Anupam Mittal

The success of an individual mainly depends on self-esteem. If he is confident enough to fight the odds, nothing can stop him. Anupam Mittal, founder and CEO of People Group, is currently one of the most recognised names in the e-commerce space in India. He is a well-known businessman, angel investor, actor, and executive. He is a native of Mumbai and completed his school education in Maharashtra.

Started From Failures

Anupam Mittal, who was always a highly inquisitive child, tried his hand at the business at a young age after being inspired by his father. But it was never a success. Then he used to go to his father’s factory after college to assist in his business. Anupam Mittal received a contract from Europe in the midst of this to export cotton made-ups, but it was unsuccessful. He travelled to Europe to conduct business there but was disappointed. He then went to the US and again faced setbacks.

Became A Master Of Business Management

He decided to further his education and earned his MBA in Strategic Management from Boston College from 1994 to 1997.

Worked At Micro Strategy

After his studies, he accepted a position as a product manager at MicroStrategy, a software firm in Washington, DC. He used to work with .com and worked there for four years.

Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal started his online firm in India after being tremendously impressed by the consumer internet. Anupam founded, a brand-new internet platform for selecting alliances, after receiving a suggestion from a pandit ji he met at the time. It was started in 1997. He started his new endeavour as and later changed it to to increase its marketability.

As a result of the success of, Mittal founded People Group in 2001, which now owns as well as other companies, including, an online real estate marketplace and Mauj Mobile.

A Twist To The Conventional Concept Of Match Making recently introduced a new concept to attract customers. Now, eligible singles can meet up to 10 possible matches over video chats for 5 minutes each during an hour-long Shaadi Live event, which takes place every ten days. This new feature enables users to connect with those looking for a suitable partner without travelling or standing in queues.

In The Global Financial Crisis

Anupam Mittal also faced setbacks during the 2008 global financial crisis. He struggled for almost two years, had to lay off several employees and even shut down one of his enterprises. He was able to regain his position in 2011 and started investing.

He gained knowledge through his experiences and built his career through hard work, perseverance and self-confidence.

Investment Journey

Mittal made his first angel investment in Interactive Avenue, an advertising agency, He was one of the company’s top stockholders when Interactive Avenue became one of the biggest advertising agencies in India. He sold his shares in 2012 and realised large profits. Anupam has invested in over 200 businesses, including Big Basket, Interactive Avenues, Ola Cabs, Druva, Fab Hotels, Rupeek, Porter, Ketto, Trell, and Lets Venture. He is a founder member and former chairman of the Internet & Mobile Association of India as well as the founding Co-chair of H2 India (IAMAI).

Film Producer

A fan of Bollywood and the entertainment business, Mittal has produced two films, 99 and Flavors (2003), in addition, to acting in cameo roles (2009). Mittal played the lead role in the June 2022 short Anupam Ki Shaadi, which served primarily as an advertisement for

Shark Tank, India

Anupam Mittal is one of the seven judges in Season 1 of the Indian business reality series Shark Tank. In Shark Tank India, Mittal is a well-known businessman who has publicly stated his desire to support aspiring Indian companies.

He is a prime example of a diligent individual who never gave up in the face of losses


The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Mumbai recognised Mittal as an Outstanding Serial Entrepreneur and Angel investor in its second year of the “Hall of Fame” 2020 awards. Mittal was given, the iCONGO Karmaveer Puraskaar award in 2015 also.

Anupam Mittal started his career with hardships and is currently one of the 50 most powerful Indians according to Businessweek. His net worth is about 185 crores. He gained knowledge through his experiences and built his career through hard work, perseverance and self-confidence. Through his, Anupam improves the matching experience for everyone. He has a track record of over 3.5 million weddings worldwide and has made over 40 investments in a range of interactive services. He is a prime example of a diligent individual who never gave up in the face of losses and used the lessons from setbacks to fuel his pursuit of success.

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