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The powerful daughter to stand up for India’s Sons : Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj

Today’s society promotes gender equality. However, violence against women persists. Dowry and harassment issues have received a lot of attention. While criticising the male-dominated sector, has anyone considered another aspect in which an innocent man and his family suffer? The law is always on the side of women. Is justice available to all people, regardless of gender? Here we focus on a woman fighting for the right of men, Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj.

An Engineer Cum Journalist

Her first documentary film, Gramin Dak Sevak, was a student film winner at the 2009 Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival. After two years at Infosys, she realised she couldn’t give her hundred per cent and desired to work in the field of communication, so she switched to journalism.

The lady who has been fearlessly fighting for men’s rights

Choosing the road not taken

Her activism for men’s rights began in 2011 when her family was falsely accused of domestic violence and dowry. Her decision to deviate was motivated by the realisation of her family’s pain and suffering because of her brother’s marriage.

Celebration Of Happiness became A Curse

Her family’s most-awaited wedding took place in 2011. It was a joyous occasion for the entire family. However, it did not last long. Two months later, they found out that the girl was having an affair with someone else. After investigation, she realised it was well planned. The girl was deceiving everyone. The marriage ended in mutual divorce because the family did not want to make it worse. After all, they were shocked when the girl falsely accused her brother of dowry. She witnessed the family’s pain at the time due to the misuse of the law.

From Home To The Society

Deepika has come across cases where innocent men have become trapped and helpless. She wished to speak on their behalf. She cites Arvind Bharati as an example.

Deepika fought for the victims and against the people who abuse the legal system

Arvind Bharti Case

Arvind Bharti, a young lawyer, committed suicide after years of harassment from his wife. He described the torture he endured and how his ex-wife made life difficult for him and his family by filing false charges, beating him, and firing him from all jobs. He claimed that ignoring complaints against his wife made him contemplate suicide.

Against The Blind Law

A law designed to protect people’s lives is being used to threaten them. As a result, she fought for the victims and felt compelled to speak out against women who abuse the legal system. She protested in Arvind Bharti’s case, gathered evidence, and clarified matters before the public.

Martyrs Of Marriage

‘Martyrs Of Marriage’ is a documentary directed by Deepika in 2016 based on personal, real-life situations. It portrays the misuse of IPC498A. It demonstrates how the law can take life when the system ignores it.

Her documentary ‘India’s Son’ follows the journey, ordeals, and escapes of innocent men falsely accused of rape in India

Amendment By Supreme Court

Since the Supreme Court issued various guidelines against the misuse of dowry and domestic violence laws, things have changed slightly. The police no longer arrest the husband and his family, but if the husband does not comply with the wife’s demands, he may face serious consequences.

Men too movement

Deepika supported the Men Too campaign, which was launched in response to false allegations made by India’s MeToo movement, and wrote about how the MeToo movement has rendered men disposable or collateral damage.

India’s Sons

In 2021, she made another documentary titled ‘India’s Sons’. This documentary follows the journey, ordeals, and escapes of innocent men falsely accused of rape in India. The documentary aims to discuss the misapplication of rape laws and reveal the unspoken truth behind India’s reputation as a rape capital.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj is best known for her work on issues concerning men. She wanted to work in the media and therefore enjoyed her life and work there. Her family was in crisis due to the false dowry case, which led her to other victims of false accusations. Deepika rose to prominence in 2014 after revealing the false victims of the “Rohtah sisters” case. Since then, she has dealt with thousands of false dowry and rape cases.She received the Purusharth award for her fights to help innocent men.

Deepika receiving the Purusharth award

Deepika was not against women. She is trying to help innocent people who kept their mouths shut before the law, especially in the name of 498A. She contends that everyone, regardless of gender, should be treated equally before the law and heard before the final decision. Deepika also advocates for setting up a National Commission for Men in India to address men’s issues, such as domestic violence and sexual assault. She is extending a heartfelt hand to the victims of the law. As a result, she is the voice of the forgotten gender, speaking out against injustice.

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