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The Genius Wonder Boy with Inspiring Brilliance: Avi Sharma

Every child is unique. They are talented in one way or another. Finding their talents instead of comparing them with others is the key to good parenting. Let’s meet a child who shows extraordinary intelligence and uses his skills to benefit others. Avi Sharma is an author, TEDx and motivational speaker, the youngest Vedic maths mentor, an actor, and a young programmer.

The Genius

Avi Sharma, the wonder kid of India, is a 12-year-old boy from Indore, India. He is exceptional among children of his age. At the age of two, Avi began chanting hymns and mantras. He could memorise 200–300 Hindi and English poems by the time he was two and a half. Even before attending school, Avi used to sing the national anthem. He knew the names of different animals, plants, flowers, and other living things. Additionally, he was able to discern colours and road signals.


His parents are his ardent supporters. His mother was a professor who quit her profession after learning about Avi’s talent and decided to focus all her attention on him.


The principal advised him to be upgraded to kg-2 when he enrolled in school. Thus his parents decided to get him an IQ test. His test result was 161. The rating was greater than that of Albert Einstein and Bill Gates.

Child artist

As a young artist, Avi Sharma appeared in numerous television programmes on various channels and in advertisements. He began performing on stage at the age of two. With renowned cricketer Chris Gayle, Avi appeared in a TV commercial. Additionally, Avi Sharma hosted the internet discussion show “Celebrity Corner,” where he has spoken with more than 70 people who have done amazing things. Avi also learned about other topics, including Indian Mythology, Management, and more.

Motivational Speaker

Avi is a TEDx and motivational speaker who offers lectures in academic institutions, businesses, and other settings. Along with speakers like cricketer Pravin Tambe and author Chandrachur Ghose, he also delivered a TEDx lecture on “Dream beyond Limits” at TEDxNMIMSIndore.

Author of BalMukhi Ramayana

As an avid believer of, Shri Krishna and Rama, Avi aspired to preach the teachings of the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita. For this reason, under lockdown, he composed ‘The Balmukhi Ramayana’ in 250 chands of his own words. At the time, Avi finished writing the book “BalMukhi Ramayana,” he was only ten years old. He wrote the entire book in Hindi to make it simple for people to read and comprehend.

Free Classes

To help kids overcome their math phobia, during Lockdown 2021, Avi taught Vedic mathematics to more than 150 students from Classes 5 to 12 for free. He also provides free coding lessons to many students.

Voice Assistant-Madhav

Avi designed the voice assistant “MADHAV”, modelled after Alexa in Python programming language, to help elderly and disabled people.

Mission Shiksha & Sanskar

Avi is the founder of “Mission Shiksha & Sanskar,”.Through this project, he strived to instil moral principles, leadership abilities, and motivation in individuals, particularly children.


He has received numerous awards, including the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar, two International Icon Awards, the Pride of India Award, OMG Book of Records, Youth Icon Award 2021, Exclusive World Records, and Honour from Indo UK Cultural Forum. He also has two Indian books of Records and two World Records. He currently holds 20 gold and one silver medal from various Olympiads.

Avi, a prodigious talent from Indore, has inspired others with his versatile talents. Within his age range, he has held positions as a motivational speaker, programmer, author, and mentor in coding and Vedic mathematics. He was constantly motivated by his parents, who saw his potential from a young age. By offering free classes to students, and helping the elderly and disabled, he uses his talents for the betterment of others.

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