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The Aspiring Lady Who Has Created Her Own Impeccable Identity : Spoorthi Viswas

A woman is considered ideal in all situation,She is supposed to be the ‘Angel in the House,’ who is perfect in all her deeds.Spoorthi Viswas, a vibrant woman at the age of twenty-three, chooses marriage over furthering her studies abroad or pursuing a career as an actress. She took a three-year break from her career as an actress and entrepreneur. Then Spoorthi rose from nothing to CEO of three companies through hard work and self-assurance. This extraordinary woman brought magic into her life.

Spoorthi’s family is from Mysore, Karnataka, India. She was born in Bangalore. She received her bachelor’s degree from Baldwin Methodist College and her MBA from the National School of Business. Spoorthi Vishwas is an entrepreneur, certified life coach, social media influencer, blogger, and acclaimed South Indian actress, as well as a celebrated TV host and anchor for over 1500 shows nationally and internationally.

The extraordinary woman who brought magic into her life

Raised By A Single Mother

Her parents divorced when she was a child. She was raised by her strong mother, who never said no to her passions. Her mother was a government employee.

An Average Student

Spoorthi was an average student. She was even afraid to speak English because she was not fluent.She concentrated more on her studies from eighth grade, and as a result, she excelled in three subjects in her board examination.

Spoorthi became famous at a very young age

 Into The World Of Fame

She went to an audition by a top television channel and got selected. Thus, she started earning at the age of sixteen. Spoorti became a leading actress then. She became an entrepreneur at the age of twenty.


Jolly Days

Spoorthi’s first film was released in 2009. Spoorthi played the lead in Jolly Days, a remake of Happy Days. She met Vishwas there. After eight years of courtship, they married in 2014.

Spoorthi and Viswas tied the knot in 2014

Life Changed

As far as Spoorthi was concerned, her life changed overnight. She became a homemaker. It was a challenge for her to live in a family of twelve who held traditional values. Spoorthi lived for three years with the pocket money her husband provided.Her conscience constantly reminded her that she was not like that. She was not born to be ordinary.

Wanted To Be An Extra-Ordinary

One happy evening, she told a friend about her life and desire. As a result of their discussion, they decided to motivate women who have forged their identities amidst adversities and there by inspires others.To honour those achievers, they created the Karnataka Women Achievers Award platform.She wanted this to be an inspiration for all.

She wanted this to be an inspiration for all

Karnataka Women Achievers Award

Spoorthy pursued her new plan to honour those women. She initially set a budget of two lakhs, which later grew to 38 lakhs. She and her friends were hoping for sponsors. Over 120 brands rejected them. Finally, she came across a well-known jewellery group and expressed the notion that it was based on values, not on investments. It was only for high achievers. And so they were impressed. She can only collect 26 lakh rupees. Her mother broke her fixed deposit and gave the money to support herself.

Dream Big Vision Private Limited 

Everyone can dream big, but the road to achieve those heights is difficult. Spoorthy thought about why they could create women achievers. Thus she took an A T D [Association for Talent Development] certificate from U S A . Spoorthi has taught over 12,000 women how to create their own identities. Spoorthi Vishwas is now recognised as one of India’s leading female trainers, making a unique and distinguishing difference by providing her services to thousands of people.

Dream Big

‘’Dream Big’’

Spoorthi is the author of the book ‘Dream Big.’ The book is about the stories of people who have made their dreams come true through focus, determination, and hard work.


She received the Whistle Woods Young Achiever Award, titled the ‘Alpha Female’ by Ritz magazine, and awarded the ‘Emerging Leader of the South’ by Femina, and was named one of the top five actors turned successful entrepreneurs by Femina, among other honours.

She is now the founder of the KWAA and the Indian Women Achievers Awards. Spoorthi Viswas has built a successful career while keeping her personal life secure. It is her unwavering determination to succeed. She was a girl who didn’t even know how to speak English properly and is now the CEO of a company that has trained thousands of students in public speaking, entrepreneurship, and leadership, among other things.

A successful career and a happy personal life

Despite having no family history, she became a first-generation millionaire and entrepreneur. Her transformation from a branding unknown to being recognised as an emerging leader in the South marks her success. Her passions are building brands, training people, and travelling. She aspires to visit 100 countries and will soon be able to do so. She wanted to show those who say women are ordinary that she is one of those extraordinary women who have made their lives magical.

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