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“Yes I am not defeated”: Jyothi Reddy, The Passionate Lady From Warangal

A desire is a solid wish to do or have something. It is believed that the universe will cooperate with us if we keep our aspirations high enough. When it matters to Jyothi Reddy, it was 99 per cent hard work and determination. Anila Jyothi Reddy represents a woman who works hard to achieve more in life. She wanted to defeat poverty, which had been her enemy since childhood.

At present, Jyothi Reddy is the CEO of the Keys software solutions Inc. She along with her family resides in the United States.

Forced Orphan

Jyothi Reddy was the second of five children. When she was nine, her father sent her to an orphanage due to his financial difficulties. Jyothi had to act like a motherless child to stay there. For about five years, she stayed in a government-run orphanage called Balasadhan.

Life At Balasadhan

Jyothi learned skills like sewing and managing household chores. From there, she learned the values of a better life and career.

Stopping Her Studies

She was dedicated to her studies. But, she had to stop her studies as she completed her tenth with excellent grades.

Anila Jyothi Reddy

Marriage At The Age Of Sixteen

Jyothi was forced to marry her cousin, a farmer by profession and was ten years older than her due to her family’s financial constraints. By the time she was eighteen, she had given birth to two daughters.

Miserable Life

She had to toil hard in the field and got a wage of rupees, five for ten hours of work. This ambitious woman cannot bear her fate to be imposed upon her daughters. She even once decided to end her life. But the very thought of her daughters made her initiate a new life.

Ray Of Hope

Her life changed dramatically when Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK) opened a night school to impart fundamental education to the villagers. Being the only educated girl in her village, she was hired as a coach for Rs 150 per month. But it was not enough for her to make both ends meet.

She represents a woman who works hard to achieve more in life

Different Jobs To Sustain Life

From 1988-1989, she joined as a National Service Volunteer, earning Rs.190 per month and stitching petticoats for one rupee to increase her income. After a year, she served as a librarian at Jana Shiksha Nilayam, Warangal, where she got Rs. 120 per month.

Continuing Her Studies

She worked hard and graduated from the Dr B.R. Ambedkar Open University in 1994, and in 1997, she earned her postgraduate degree from Kakatiya University. After graduation, she worked as a government special educator, earning about Rs 400 monthly. She had to travel for two hours to her workplaces, and she utilised that time to sell sarees to fellow travellers and found a modest income. Then she was offered a position as a government teacher for Rs 6,000.

Moving To America

She was in contact with some family members who had settled there. Thus Jyothi was attracted to their way of life and wanted to go to America. Jyothi began learning softwares, planning a healthy lifestyle, and started to save money for her passport and visa.

Jyothi is involved in various philanthropic activities and inspires women to come forward to achieve their dreams

Her Own Choice

Her husband does not like the idea of ​​moving away from home. But she was determined. When she arrived at U S A, she stayed with a Gujarati family in New Jersey. Jyothi found it challenging as she had no support and could not speak English well.

Did Odd Jobs

She did various jobs to survive, such as babysitting, working at a video store, a gas station and a short stint as a recruiter. After a year and a half of struggle, she returned to her hometown to see her family. She met a monk there who assured her that she would become rich if she went into business. With her savings in hand, she founded Key Software Solutions Inc.

The Key Software Solutions Inc.

On October 22, 2001, she established Key Software Solutions Inc., a private company in Phoenix. Her business offered additional services like software development and hiring. The late President Abdul Kalam was her source of inspiration.

Jyothi believes in the equality of men and women and encourages all women to stand independent

A Chapter On Her Name

The Kakatiya University added a lesson on Jyothi Reddy in 2012 titled “Yes I am not defeated” to the degree second-year English textbook. She released her Autobiography named ‘’Aina, Nenu Vodipoledu’’[Yet I have not lost] in Telugu in 2013.

Helping Hands

Jyothi helped old age homes and helped those in need. She also encourages students from rural areas who have performed well in the examination. Jyothi is involved in various philanthropic activities and inspires women to come forward to achieve their dreams.

Anila Jyothi Reddy was born in 1970 in Warangal, Telangana, in a poor family and had to tackle many hardships because of poverty. Her passionate nature and hard work made her life successful. Today, she is the CEO of a 15 million-dollar software company and the employer of many. Jyothi was devoid of family love and care because of her orphanage life. But she never allowed herself to give a poverty-stricken life to her daughters. She founded her business in the United States in 2001 and now leads a luxurious life as she once dreamed. She teaches everyone to set high goals, work hard and achieve success. Jyothi believes in the equality of men and women and encourages all women to stand independent.

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