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Guiding The Competitive World Of Exams Through The Success Manthra: Competitive Cracker

Any nation’s economic progress benefits significantly from the contributions of women. As a result of their employment in various industries, they significantly contribute to and assist the economy in different ways.

A job is an essential component of our lives to meet our basic needs. All jobs have their dignity, whether they are in the public, private or any other sector. People who don’t want to take a chance or worry about their job security must compete fiercely for positions in the government sector. Many educators emerged with their applications to provide coaching classes as the level of competition increased, especially during the Pandemic phase.

Today coaching classes are available offline and online. Various PSC coaching centres give paid and unpaid sessions on YouTube.The Primary function of an educator with his application is to provide better classes and thereby make the students achieve their goals. For this, they offer classes with good content, study guides, inspiration, regular exam schedules, and so on.

In the beginning, the coaching field was highly male-centric. The entry of women like Asha Bineesh and others has caused changes in the industry now.

Asha Bineesh and her unique style of teaching

The road not taken

She has chosen a path which was not taken by many. There were many female tutors in the coaching field, but a woman who heads all is rare. Asha Bineesh is the C E O and Founder of Competitive Cracker. It is one of the best online PSC coaching centres in Kerala.

She is a software engineer by profession. She dreamt of becoming a civil servant. What remained in her hand was a lot of arrears from her engineering period. She cleared all, secured a job after a long struggle and continued coaching classes to make her career stable. After marriage, she also worked in some private firms.

Journey to Competitive Cracker

She decided to leave her job because she was pregnant and wanted more time to spend on her studies. Asha qualified for some bank tests and was eligible for some public service commission exams. In the midst, she came across many YouTube channels in Hindi with good content.

She thought about how she could apply this to Malayalam, which at that time lacked such precise classes. The idea for Competitive Cracker was born out of this. The video soon attracted young aspirants, which increased the number of subscribers to 100,000 in 2017 and more than 200,000 the following year.

Homemaker's Youtube Channel Helps Her Earn Almost 1 Crore In a Year.Family support is very important

Asha opened a coaching facility in Kakkanad as the channel gained momentum. The video-sharing platform had become a good testing ground as she ventured on the new path of her career.

Competitive Cracker has developed over time into a successful company with hundreds of workers, including IIT graduates, and has added an exclusive website and mobile application. Competitive cracker successfully earned one crore from an initial investment of thirty thousand.

Her Unique Way Of Teaching

She developed her teaching and learning techniques based on her personal experiences. She provided videos of herself cooking in the kitchen, providing detailed information about each item she used during the lockdown period when the entire state of Kerala was experimenting in the kitchen. Anyone can learn textual information from direct experiences through her classes.

Her motivating classes are useful for aspirants, especially homemakers. She claimed that everything we experience can teach us something if we ask the right questions and arrive at the correct answers. She always aims at the homemakers and motivates them to come forth.


She and her team had achieved fantastic results in the previous exams. They now offer five hundred paid courses. If anyone is unable to afford it due to financial circumstances, she will undoubtedly assist them if it turns out to be true.

Message to PSC Aspirants

She advises everyone to compromise and not expect everything to be perfect and clear. Learning is a process that does not require age, she added.

Asha Bineesh proves from her experience how she was able to launch her firm without any prior business knowledge. She became a successful woman entrepreneur due to her clear vision, determination, and family support. She was a role model and a motivator for many. Together with her job, she enjoys family time. She is on the right path to enhance the future of many people, together with her entire Competitive Cracker team.

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