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A proud wife who fulfills the dreams of a warrior who sacrificed his life for the country: Captain Kanika Kausthubh Rane

Each of us has unique visions in life. We cannot always predict how life will turn out. Sometimes, things happen unexpectedly. Some crumble in the face of fate, while others fight and move forward. Captain Kanika Kausthub Rane is a brave woman who made a great choice. The choice she made in honour of her husband, who served his country as a soldier to its greatest extent. Kanika Kaustubh Rane is determined to serve the nation and set an example for her son by never giving up when things get tough.

Captain Kanika Kaustubh Rane

She is currently working as an officer in the Indian Army. Captain Kanika Rane has an MBA in addition to her engineering degree. She has worked in various corporate sectors.

Happy Life

Kanika met Kaustubh for the first time when she was 20 years old. She described Kaustubh as a brave, mischievous and calm person. They became friends, then lovers, and got married later. As far as she is concerned, they were each other’s biggest supporters and fiercest critics. They lived a very contented life.

They memories of a happy life

The Brave Martyr

On August 7, 2018, Kanika received a call from the army to inform her about her beloved husband’s death. He sacrificed his life in an encounter with terrorists in the Gurez sector of Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district.

Losing Hope

At that point, she lost herself. She was in a state where she could not even understand what was happening around her. But she wanted to get over her grief for her one-and-a-half-year-old son.

Reclaiming Life

She couldn’t escape from her motherly responsibilities. Although Kanika didn’t want her son to turn to her for help, she wanted him to be a confident person who knew how to accomplish his goals. So she tried to move forward.Kanika received her late husband’s bravery award on his behalf.

Kanika received her late husband’s bravery award on his behalf

Shifting Career

Kanika has worked in various corporate sectors. At the time of her husband’s death, she was going to start her own business. But this incident made her travel far from her thoughts. Her outlook on life changed. She decided not to follow those sensitive dreams and take a path that would help to save the lives of others.

Following Her Husband’s Dreams

Major Kaustubh Rane was a man who valued his country above all. Due to some military operations in Kashmir, Rane has already missed his son’s first birthday. Similarly, On August 7, he tried to apprehend the terrorist who tried to escape despite being instructed to remain in the bunker. Kanika initially resented him because of her constrictive viewpoint, but now she can connect to his thoughts. Thus she decided to join Army.


She cleared the SSB exam under the ‘widows of defence personnel who died in harness’ category in 2019. Despite being malnourished, she made every effort to appear before the selection committee. Joining the military was challenging. Her efforts paid off and Kanika Rane was one of the 230 cadets commissioned from the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai, in 2020, consisting of 181 men and 49 women. During the training course, she faced yet another challenge of missing her three-year-old son for 52 weeks.

The proud wife of a patriotic martyr


There, she had to go through rigorous training procedures that transformed a civilian into an army person. After attending the academy, she learned more about perseverance and capabilities. Now she is capable to perform her duties regardless of the context.

Words of courage

She encourages everyone not to depend on others to achieve their dreams and happiness. She advises us to rely only on ourselves. Only then can we change. Our decisions shape our lives. Our persistence and determination can change lives in any crisis.

Captain Kanika Kausthubh Rane is a brave woman who chose a military career at the age of thirty despite being crushed by the realities. That incident broadened her perspectives and made her bold enough to overcome any situation. Major Rane had always admired her for her high-maintenance personality. With that, she withstood the rigours of the training period. She was curious about her husband’s state of mind during the military operation, but now she can understand his thoughts. She loves her country as much as he does. So she is ready to sacrifice anything for the country.

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