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A Courageous Boy Who Showed Strength Beyond His Age to Fight Against Social Evils: Surjeet Lodhi

Changes are necessary for all areas. The basic values ​​that shape a society come from a family. Surjeet Lodhi became a saviour by bringing positive changes in society and bringing light to everyone from his miseries. He is a native of Madhya Pradesh and inspired many young people with his fight against alcohol and advocacy for education.

Against Alcohol

Surjeet started his fight against alcoholism and child labour at 13. He joined the Bal Mitra Gram (BMG) programme in 2016 and saw BGM as an opportunity for himself and the villagers to come out of their predicaments. Initially, no one took him seriously. However, he succeeded in convincing other kids to agree with him. He spoke to about 90 kids and informed them of the negative effects of alcohol on lifestyle, family, and general health. Most of them could relate to his situation because they had experienced something similar at home.

Surjeet Lodhi

Bal Mitra Gram

BMG is a grassroots organisation advocating for child-centred rural development where child empowerment is critical. It is a Programme started by the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF) in the 1960s across India to end child labour. They aim to create safety nets around children by empowering communities and parents to stand up for their rights, ensure access to high-quality education and prevent them from being employed, married or exploited. It is a protective environment where all stakeholders work together to protect the freedom and safety of children.

Reached The Goal

Most of the men in the village squandered their money by drinking and abusing their family members in their drunken state. Surjeet felt strongly about the issue, as his mother and himself were victims of abuse from his alcoholic father. He organised an awareness campaign in five villages with the help of the BMG team and children’s councils. Children and women from Bhilai and Sahwa villages were inspired by his initiative and joined hands with him to demand financial assistance for household needs and children’s education instead of alcohol. With the support of the Gram Panchayat, Surjeet was instrumental in closing five liquor shops in the villages.

Surjeet was instrumental in closing five liquor shops in the villages.

Helping Hand For Others

His father was unable to work due to his alcoholic nature, forcing Lodhi to drop out of school to earn money. But his grandfather took responsibility for Lodhi’s education. So from his experience, Lodhi and his team ensured education for the children of alcoholic parents. With the aid of grama panchayats, they carried out several awareness campaigns and set up financial assistance for household necessities and children’s education.

In The Pandemic

During the lockdown, he and his team took several measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. They made efforts to guarantee the villagers’ access to food, the observance of laws, the safety of children, and the promotion of the COVID-19 vaccination drive in their village.

He proved what a teenager can do to stop any social evil


For his contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, he received the prestigious 2021 Diana Award in a virtual ceremony. He was honoured for his efforts to enhance the quality of life in his village.

Surjeet Lodhi is an inspiration to all. He fought against a major threat to this society and depicted what a teenager can do to stop any social evil. Surjeet utilised Bal Mitra Gram’s assistance for that. With the help of the Gram Sabha and the district administration, he and his team closed five liquor stores after conducting several attention-raising and awareness programmes. They were also concerned about the situation of the children of alcoholic parents and provided them with financial support. His goal is to expand his initiatives to the national level and assist every child who wants to Study. Surjeet demonstrates that having a strong mind is necessary to combat evil, regardless of age.

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