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Madhabi Puri Buch: A Trailblazer in Finance and Leadership

No matter what field we work in. Realise its purpose and strive diligently to meet its expectations, and success will be yours. Madhabi has excelled in every field she has undertaken and is known to be the first woman to be appointed as the Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in 2022.

Madhabi Puri Buch is a Financial market expert, Media Influencer, Advisor and the head of India’s securities authority, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). She is the first woman and individual with experience in the private sector to lead the regulatory organisation. She also serves as the agency’s first non-IAS chief since 2002.


Buch, a native of Maharastra, did her schooling at Fort Convent School, Mumbai and Convent of Jesus and Mary in Delhi. After graduating in Mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, she received her Master’s in Business Administration from IIM, Ahmedabad in 1988.


Madhabi was born in 1966. Her mother was a professor with a doctorate in political science, while her father, Kamal Puri, worked in the corporate world. She married Dhawal Buch, a director at the FMCG conglomerate Unilever, at the age of 21. They have a son named Abhay. According to Buch, her son and husband, who has served as her companion, philosopher, and mentor, are responsible for a large part of her achievement.


Following her schooling, Madhabi started her career as a social worker for Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN).


She began her three-year tenure in 1981 as a project finance analyst at ICICI Bank. After quitting her position, Madhabi worked at several places, including ORG-MARG as a market research consultant and West Cheshire College as a lecturer. In 1997, she rejoined ICICI and assumed the position of Head of Marketing & Sales. She was later promoted as Executive Director, Head of Product Development, and Head of Operations, among others. Later, Madhabi left her job at ICICI.

At Idea Cellular LTD

She worked for Idea Cellular LTD from 2011 to 2017 as a Non-Executive Director. In addition, Madhabi served as the CEO of Agora Advisory Private Limited and served as a mentor for Predible Health and Honey Bee Network.

Chairperson Of SEBI

Madhabi was assigned responsibility for portfolios like collective investment programmes, surveillance, and investment management when she was hired as a full-time director at SEBI in April 2017. After her tenure, she was nominated to a seven-person technology group to assist Sebi in developing internal technological systems. Buch, known for her data and technology agnosticism, has made a few significant regulatory decisions.

Buch was chosen to lead SEBI for a three-year term on March 1, 2022. Madhabi, a member of the corporate sector, reorganised SEBI to increase productivity, reinforce accountability, and advance fairness. She quickly changed the business, its procedures, and market laws during her first 100 days as chair. To encourage targeted action on areas that require the most attention, Buch introduced the corporate system of KRAs, with a particular focus on cyber security and the utilisation of technology and data. She has spearheaded the process of, obtaining thorough market feedback on any significant policy changes.

Success Mantra

Madhabi offers a simple strategy for success, which is to be aware of the mission and objectives of the firm you work for and make an effort to meet them. Buch has become known for her data and technological agnosticism and has made significant regulatory decisions. She was instrumental in changing crucial mutual fund regulations in a way that benefited investors. It includes further lowering investment fees, categorising and disclosing programme details, and adding further safeguards for debt schemes.


Madhabi was named one of Business Today’s “25 Most Powerful Women in Business” and Forbes’ “Most Influential Woman” in 2008.

Madhabi Puri Buch is the first woman chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Board and the first person from the private sector to lead the markets watchdog. She has experience in team management, investment banking, financial services, and other areas in addition to her volunteer work as a project manager for “GiveIndia”. Madhabi has cooperated with numerous institutions, including the National Stock Exchange, the Indian Bank Association, and the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among others. Madhabi collaborated in establishing a nonprofit organisation called “The Cancer Council” in 2007. Buch was noted for implementing quick system upgrades and corporatising the organisation to increase efficiency while serving as SEBI Chairperson. She consistently works to promote economic empowerment, poverty eradication, and health.

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