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A Story of Extraordinary Talent and Success: Naina Jaiswal, The Pride Of Our Nation

Naina Jaswal

Good parenting plays a crucial role in the development of a child. Character in children is established by adequate parental guidance. Parenting is a never-ending task. Naina Jaiswal’s parents recognised her talents and gave the proper guidance at the right time to make her the pride of our country today.

Naina Jaiswal is an Indian table tennis player who is called the “child prodigy star”.She has won several championships at both national and international levels. She became the youngest and the first girl in India to be awarded a doctorate (PhD) at the age of 22.


She was born in Hyderabad to Ashwani Kumar Jaiswal and Bhagya Lakshmi Jaiswal. She has a brother named Agastya Jaiswal.


Her parents are her ardent supporters. Her mother instilled in her a desire to learn, while her educator father nurtured her love for music, education and sports. Naina’s parents’ conviction that their children would excel in academics and athletics allowed her to flourish in both areas. Being home-schooled, she was able to balance her studies and athletics.

Educational Status

In 2008, Naina became the youngest Asian girl to pass the 10th class board examination at the age of eight years. She passed the 12th class in the Andhra Pradesh board exam in 2010. She graduated in Mass Communication from  St. Mary’s College, Hyderabad at the age of 13, becoming India’s youngest graduate in journalism. She completed her post-graduate studies in Political Science at age 15 from Osmania University.

Youngest PhD holder

Naina began her PhD coursework when she was seventeen years old. She did her research work on the topic “Role of Micro Finance in Women Empowerment” from Adikavi Nannaya University.

As an Excellent Table-tennis Player

Naina was the first Indian girl to be chosen for the ITTF World Hopes squad in 2011. She secured sixth position globally in the under-12 category in 2011 and won many medals for the cadet girls’ team in several competitions. Some of the golden feathers in Naina’s crown include the National Championship (Gold Medal) in Cadet Girls Singles 2010, Bronze in Sub Junior Girls Team (2013), Silver Medal in Sub Junior Girls Doubles (2010) and hat-trick winner of 1st National Ranking Tournament. (2011, 2012, 2013) etc.

Motivational Speaker

Naina is a well-known motivational speaker. She took part in numerous events and seminars across India.

Brand Ambassador 

She has been chosen as India’s Brand Ambassador for the Berlin World Day of Peace in collaboration with the UN as well as the Brand Ambassador for the Andhra Pradesh Police.


Naina Jaiswal recorded the Ramayana Slokas at the age of 7 after diligent practice in her free time. She is also a skilled vocalist and pianist. Naina is ambidextrous and can operate Photoshop, CorelDRAW and CS2 with ease. Naina can recite all 108 verses of the Ramayana and type the alphabet in two seconds. She can prepare Hyderabadi Biryani in just 25 minutes.

Even at this young age, Naina Jaiswal has distinguished herself as a multifaceted genius in many domains. She currently owns several unique records. She strikes a balance between music, academics, and athletics. A generation that exclusively values education only should learn a lot from Naina. Regardless of the field, skills need to be developed. Her parents played an important role in shaping her talents. May Naina reach even greater heights, motivating others with her accomplishments and enhancing our nation’s image.

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