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Advancing Failures With Courage: Shashwat Amrev, The Leader Of Change

Shashwat Amrev

Everything has two sides, just like a coin. Which one we choose to abide by is entirely up to us. The same is the case with social media. Shashwat Amrev uses social media for the benefit of today’s generation. This 19-year-old enthrals internet users by producing excellent information connected to trade and finance.

Shashwat Amrev, a native of Chhattisgarh, is the youngest certified ethical hacker, a Digital Creator, a Startup Investor, a Stock market trader and the founder and CEO of Amrevx and Stockmarket Edges. He has written a book named, ‘Stonks from scratch: The guide to get started in the stock market’. He is pursuing BBA in Business Administration and Management from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh.

Started With Music

His inadequate financial means drove him to abandon his dream of becoming a DJ because he had no idea how to do it. Following that, his thoughts turned to photography and then to gaming. He followed his friend’s advice and streamed his game on YouTube, launching his first channel. It worked, and he received earnings from it as a result. In contrast to others, his sole motivation was to make money; he never did it for subscribers. Only then will he be able to purchase the required DJ and photography tools. His channel was later hacked.

The founder and CEO of Amrevx and Stockmarket Edges


He was preparing for the IIT and JW but was reluctant to enrol in an institution regularly due to body shaming. Therefore, he enrolled in a makeshift school where he received two weekly holidays. Around that period, Shashwat engaged in trading and launched Amrevx.

Technical Expert

Shashwat started his journey when he was in 11 grade. He received no technical support as he lived in a remote hamlet. As a result, several technical issues were encountered and effectively resolved. After succeeding in finding suitable solutions to his technical problems, Shaswat came up with the idea of starting his consultancy to provide online help to those in need. He had to resign from this position because the income was insufficient to hire workers as inquiries grew.

Mushroom Cultivation

He started mushroom farming in addition to trading and cryptocurrency. He again failed since the mushrooms began to decay from the extreme humidity.

He is the youngest certified ethical hacker

Shashwat Amrev, A Digital Content Creator

He devoted more time to learning advanced trading tactics and basics during the lockdown. He put in a lot of effort and fit right in there. Shashwat earned income and started his investment journey. He thoroughly searched everything and made money by sharing his knowledge on social networking platforms. Through the use of his internet trading and training, Shashwat made money.

He eventually established his footing in trading after suffering numerous losses. Using his skills, he even launched his course and found great success. Shashwat employs his two companies to disseminate extensive trading information. He believes that his content should satisfy the audience.


Shashwath Amrev mentored more than 50,000 students while he was 19 years old and was named one of the Economic Times Leaders of Change in 2021. He managed 13 startups, invested in more than eight startups, and had more than 5 million followers on Instagram.

Shashwath mentored more than 50,000 students while he was 19 years old

Shashwat has demonstrated how one can leverage the strength of stocks to succeed at the young age of 19. Shaswat Amrev views social media and the internet as a blessing for this age, as these platforms are the only way to share meaningful and helpful content to reach individuals who are in need. Shashwat began working at an early age and encountered several obstacles. He was adamant about becoming a distinctive individual and won’t let anything get in the way of that goal. His courage was unaffected by the setbacks experienced at every turn. He took chances after each setback and eventually succeeded in trading and now earns over four crores. After finding success in the financial world, he decided to help others through his informative content.

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