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Maymol P Davis: Boundless confidence that reclaimed her life with a skipping rope

It is the life and experience of Maymol P Davis, a thirty-one-year-old vibrant lady of Kothamangalam, Ernakulam District of  Kerala, who had challenged the whole medical science and her effort and hard work reclaimed success in her life.

With a dream to conquer the world, earn an income in life and travel wherever she liked, Maymol came back to her hometown after completing her master’s in Archaeology in Pune. She was preparing for her National Eligibility Test. Till then her life was as per her wish. Suddenly the situation changed. She noticed a swelling on her neck, but she didn’t take it seriously. A fever too accompanied. She sought the help of a doctor in a situation where she couldn’t even move due to joint pains. There started a series of journeys to different hospitals. It was a new experience for her as she rarely got even a fever.

Finally, she was diagnosed with Kikuchi disease, an auto-immune disease which will last up to six or eight months. In the meantime, she couldn’t lift her right hand because of severe pain. Then the treatment started and she was shocked to hear the news that her right hand was paralysed because of the doctor’s mistake in doing her biopsy. The only solution was to take the tablet and not use her right hand. If she tried to use it, she would be paralysed in future.

She was in a stage of depression. Her mother’s advice and a skipping rope given by her friend helped her to change her mind. Meanwhile, she gained weight from fifty-one kilos to eighty-three, as a result of the steroids in her tablet. It was unbearable for health-conscious Maymol. She researched with the help of her friends and the internet for two years and found a solution on how to return to her life. She couldn’t even lift a mobile phone with her right hand. With that skipping rope, she took a chance in life. In the initial days, she couldn’t even skip a single time, but the adamant girl in her didn’t let her stop. She continued skipping, gradually extending the duration of practice, and fighting her pain.

She regained her health condition back by constant exercise and willpower. It was not a miracle, it was her research, suffering and hard work. On the first of January, 2022. she lifted one hundred and thirty kilograms with her hand which was remarked ‘paralysed’ by our medical science. Today she skips five thousand times in one and a half hours and takes seven minutes and forty-five seconds to skip a thousand times continuously. She knows twenty varieties of skipping and is interested in adventurous skipping, wearing our traditional dress saree. Today she is a certified Archaeologist and wants to pursue a PhD in it.

As skipping is a registered sports item, she is trying to get into the Book Of Records, Skipping Federation Of India. She suggests skipping to homemakers as it is cheap and reduces 1100 calories in ten seconds. Be a version of Maymol, don’t let down in your life and make the impossible possible

Maymol attained her success by ignoring and challenging the expert panel of doctors in our medical science. If she moved on with them, she would have attained nothing in her life. With a single skipping rope, she regained her life. Think of yourself, about your situations and opportunities, your kith and kin, you too can regain your life. Before a tsunami, the water recedes first but then comes back with all its might. Like that fight back against opposing circumstances without any panic and live your life to the fullest.

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