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Nothing Can Stop Her From Realizing Dreams: Nafeesathul Mizriya, The Woman Entrepreneur

There are no boundaries that prevent us from doing something. If you are committed to achieving anything, you will undoubtedly find a means to do it. Introducing, a daughter who pretends she can do anything to please her father who is worried about her life as she was diagnosed with polio at the age of two. Her determination gradually turned into a passion. Hence, she pursued a career chosen by a few women.

Nafeesatul Mizriya, the founder and managing director of Minhaj Builders, hails from Kunnamkulam, Thrissur, and lost the ability of her left leg at the age of two due to poliomyelitis. She is a talented writer, motivational speaker, designer, and more.

Nafeesatul Mizriya


As a child, she faced several difficulties during her journey to school and was unhappy that she could not go out with her friends and siblings.


Nafeesathul Misriya, who was good at studies after her schooling, joined Victoria College, Palakkad, for her undergraduate course, but life started challenging her in the form of pneumonia. So she couldn’t finish it. But Nafeesathul was not ready to give up. Nafeesathul, who has enjoyed drawing since she was a child, enrolled in the two-year ITC draughtsman programme. She aspires to get a job after her studies.

She is a talented writer, motivational speaker, designer, and more


She never let her disability or her suffering destroy her. She had an unwavering belief that her physical disabilities would not dampen her mental fortitude. She carries that assurance throughout her life.

KAM Builders

She began her career by drawing plans for the natives, which later took off. Soon after completing the course, her family and friends encouraged her to start a company which she named KAM Builders.

Temporary Job And Studies

Simultaneously, she got a contract job as a municipal employee in the Thrissur Corporation and also enrolled in civil engineering at Thrissur’s Maharaja Technological Institute. Nafeesathul started her morning with practical sessions in the college before going to her office. She attended class after work and reached the hostel at nine o’clock. After two and a half years, she decided to get married. Her husband encouraged her to come home every day. She had to take eight buses every day while pregnant with the polio-affected limb and even then, she didn’t stop working or her studies.

She is a hopeful symbol of possibility for many

Minhaj Builders

After her delivery, she became active in her construction jobs. Thus she renamed her K M builders into the Minhaj group. In the midst, she was selected for some government jobs, but she wanted to pursue her career in construction work. She subsequently established offices in Thrissur and Palakkad. Additionally, she started Minhaj Cement Product in Parakulam. She has already finished 550 projects and more than 2000 plans. Her business is notable for its Vastu-based buildings.


Nafeesathul Mizriya received the Best Women Entrepreneur Award in 2017 and 2019 as well as the Samrambhakar Special Mention Award in 2019 and the Global Women Inspirational Award in 2021. She was also given the Women of Substance Award 2022 and the Inspirational Personality of the Year Award in 2022.

She was honoured with the Best Women Entrepreneur Award in 2017 and 2019

Words That Inspires

She encourages everyone to have a confident outlook on life, which will help to overcome physical limitations. Mizriya also takes classes on motivation for those with mental and physical limitations.

Her story serves as inspiration for people who experience helplessness due to an illness or impairment comparable to Nafeesathul Mizriya. She went along a route that was designated as being for men. Nafeesathul Mizriya demonstrates that it is also a safe place for women. She is a hopeful symbol of possibility for anyone who feels concerned for the future of such children. Today Mizriya is heading the Minhaj Group Of Constructions, which now has completed the construction works of over 550 projects throughout Kerala. Minhaj builders have a signature in all types of building construction and are more focused on the housing sector. Nafeesathul Mizriya is successful in realising her goals and inspires others by sharing her experience.

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