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The Wonder Girl Of India : Janhavi Panwar

Making a dream come true is a challenging task. It demands determination and hard work. Introducing Janhavi, the Indian wonder child who dazzles everyone with her linguistic prowess and intelligence.

Janhavi Panwar is a motivational speaker and social media influencer. She is a native of Samalkha, Haryana, and is proficient in five languages in addition to nine various English accents.


Janhavi, who comes from a regular middle-class family, completed her secondary education at age 13 and graduated at 16. She has earned a Master’s degree in English.

Janhavi with her father

Father, Her Mentor

Due to his poor English speaking skill, her father, Brij Mohan Panwar, a teacher in a government school, lost out on numerous opportunities. He instilled an early interest in English in her daughter. Her parents recognised that Janhavi was different from other kids. So, they equipped her vocabulary with 500–550 English words. She was placed in Senior KG because she had practically completed the fundamentals. However, after analysing Janhavi’s scores and recognising her ability, the school authorities decided to give her a special permit to pass two classes in the same year.

Mastering Different Languages

She was awarded the title of “India’s Wonder Girl” at nine. Janhavi could speak nine different foreign accents, including British, American, Received Accent, Posh, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, Norfolk, and Cockney by the age of ten. While most of her friends were in Class VIII, Janhavi enrolled in the second year of Delhi University’s Bachelor of Arts program.

Her Growing Curiosity

Even as a small child, she was more interested in the picture books her father brought that featured animals, birds, and fruits than any toy. Her father brought her to RedFort to meet people and speak with them. From there, her mind stuck on their accent. Brij Mohan enrolled her in online language courses to learn more about accents and downloaded BBC news and English video segments. He tasked a Panipat-based linguist Rekha Raj to assist Janhavi in mastering accents.

The Wonder Girl

A Youtube Channel To Help Others

Janhvi started her own YouTube channel, “Wonder Girl Janhavi,” to assist anyone enthusiastic about learning English. It focuses on how one can attain different English accents, and she also shares many motivational stories and travels vlogs there.

Passion For Music

Janhavi has a lovely voice. She performed Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself on Radio FM with Imran. She also has recorded song covers and auditioned earlier for the programmes like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and India’s Got Talent.

Super 30

Janhavi Panwar was selected by the founder, Anand Kumar, for Super 30, a programme that aims to educate & prepare impoverished kids for the IIT-JEE entrance exam, without taking any entrance exams. Janhavi Panwar was invited to an occasion where she spoke as a motivational speaker with the founder of Super 30. Thus, Anand Kumar invited Janhavi to join Super 30 after being taken aback by her accent and abilities.

Janhavi with Anand Kumar, Super 30


Janhavi excelled in giving motivational speeches. She delivered her maiden speech to 150 IAS officers at the Bombay Institute of Public Administration in the presence of the Chief Minister of that time, Manohar Lal Khattar. Jhanvi Parwar has lectured in 8 educational institutes in 8 states.

Janhavi believes that the strength of the mind, not external circumstances, determines things. Additionally, setbacks are just an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and gain knowledge that will help us succeed in future

Hailing from a remote village in Haryana, this girl exhibited unique talents that were recognised and nurtured by her family. She later earned a master’s degree in English literature, amassed over a million subscribers on YouTube, mastered British and American accents, and spoke at TEDx and Josh talks. Her father gave her the training and encouragement she needed to succeed in areas which he did not. She was proficient in five languages and nine accents. As she previously wished, she has hosted a programme on both CNN and BBC. Her achievements are a testament to her perseverance and hard work, as well as her father’s desire.

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