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The girl who smiles like the moonlight :Dr Fathima Asla

According to Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, ’’ A dream is not that which you see while sleeping. It is something that does not let you sleep’’. Dr Fatima Asla, a resident of Kozhikode, Kerala, is the clearest illustration of these words. She struggled to fulfil her dreams and ambitions but eventually succeeded.

A childhood of broken bones

Fathima is the daughter of Vattikunnumel Abdul Nazar and Ameena. She has three siblings. She began to fight for her life from the third day of her birth. She has been diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, otherwise called Brittle bone disease. Her father and younger brother have the same disease. But not as intense as hers. Despite his financial difficulties, her father supported her in realising her aspirations.

Dr Fathima Asla

Family Support

Her parents encouraged her in all her endeavours. She used to be carried to school by her mother. Due to her medical conditions, her frequent fractures sometimes never allowed her to go to school. She studied mainly at home, although there were many difficulties. She couldn’t play like other children of her age, so she used to write short stories and poems to express her ideas. Books were her companions. She had undergone around six surgeries in her childhood. Society sometimes sympathised with her. She was initially disappointed, but eventually, she got over it. She aimed to accomplish everything within her limits.

Achieving her Passion

Despite all her health issues, she secured high marks in her exams and enlisted in the medical entrance rank list. But the medical board marked her ‘unfit’ for her passion.

The girl who smiles like the moonlight

She did not want to compromise because that profession had attracted her since she was a child. She wanted to become a doctor so she could help people in similar situations. For approval, she started walking on crutches for the first time. The family received support from Markaz and Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobaker Musaliar for her medical care and educational needs.

Life was challenging for her, but she overcame all those struggles and became a Homeopathic doctor. She graduated from NSS Homoeopathic Medical College, Kottayam. Her confidence was untouched by her physical condition.

Wings of her dream

In 2020, she met Firoz, a digital artist and MFA student at Fine Arts College, through a mutual friend. He is a native of Lakshadweep. Their relationship bloomed during Covid. Through their union, they want to show the world how important it is to support each other in life. Instead of empathizing with individuals, we should try to empower and motivate them.

In the scenario of increasing dowry-related problems, Firoz came with a mind to strengthen her, who dares to dream beyond her limitations. He presented a wheelchair to her as a wedding gift, which she dreamed of. The couple enjoys travelling to numerous places.

Fathima and Firoz: The couple who broke numerous preconceptions

She made her own life

In 2020, she published her autobiography, “Nilavupole Chirikkunna Penkutty,” which became a bestseller. She also influences others through her Instagram page and YouTube channel ’Kadalum Nilavum’. Through these platforms, she encourages others to see possibilities from the challenges.

Now, She is the coordinator of Blood Donors Kerala, Kozhikode’s district. She is not only a motivational speaker but also a good writer. She runs an online bookstall along with her friend. She encourages everyone to pursue their dreams during this brief period and demonstrates her abilities within her constraints. This girl who smiles like the moonlight is an inspiration to many to move forward by influencing others with a beautiful smile and the courage of a strong mind.