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The Specially Gifted People

Everyone has something unique about them, as well as some weaknesses. People with special abilities are no exception. We as a society must assist specially-abled people by focusing on their strengths rather than their weaknesses so that they can enjoy life as we do. We should also accept them as equals, rather than as someone to be pitied. They should be given equal opportunities to speak up. People with special abilities do not want to be treated differently; they want to be treated equally. We need to interact with them and make them feel at ease. These people must be given opportunities to motivate them to do good in life.

Many specially gifted people have achieved great heights with the support of their parents and society.  Our nation has various welfare laws, government programmes, and initiatives to help them.  Legendary figures have proven that disability need not be a barrier to success.

Suvaiba, The gifted Child

Suvaiba Nazeer, an inhabitant of the Kannur district in Kerala proves that she is the real gift of God with her life. She is a genius who overcomes the handicap of congenital blindness and is conquering the maximum heights she aims for in her life. “The only condition worse than blindness is having the ability to see but not having the inner vision”, as noted by renowned American novelist, political activist, and speaker Helen Keller. Similarly, Suvaiba emphasises the ability to see the minds of others and not upset them rather than having the power of vision.r She is not ready to complain about her fate of being born blind. She is a true fighter in every sense.

Suvaiba is a college teacher, singer, and Youtube vlogger. She works in the English department at Sir Syed Institute For Technical Studies.

Suvaiba : The talented singer and good teacher


She completed her schooling in Special School, Kulakkada, Kozhikode, and completed her under Graduation and post-graduation at Kannur Women’s College.


She completed her schooling in Special School, Kulakkada, Kozhikode, and completed her under Graduation and post-graduation at Kannur Women’s College.Her parents, Nazeer and Maimuna, are her pillars of support. They never consider her as a visually impaired child. Her father takes her everywhere. Everything he sees on the journey will be described to her in detail. Every little thing becomes a vision for her with her father’s words. She sees this world through his voice.


Suvaiba cooks like everyone else. She prepares the morning tea and serves it to the family. She used to go to college by bus. Suvaiba is a talented singer in addition to being a good teacher. After her teaching, Suwaiba is busy with vlogging activities.

Rainbow Videos

Suvaiba is an active vlogger on Youtube. She uses her mobile voice assistant to complete tasks on her phone. Beautiful songs, travel vlogs, English grammar lessons, interviews, and general topic guidance, are all posted on her channel.


She longs to watch the sunset. Her ultimate goal in life is to provide joy to others. She is also focusing on her PhD.

While facing all the challenges and limitations, Suvaiba never wants to sit alone in the dark. She creates a beautiful space of her own. She has gracefully overcome disabilities with the support of her parents, which made her bold enough to face challenges and inspire others. Moreover, she radiates light and happiness around her.

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