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Building a Great Nation by Equipping the Youth: Tanu Jain, Guide for UPSC Aspirants

An excellent leader sets an example and inspires those around them. They assist our nation by raising future generations of talent and effort. In light of her experiences, Tanu Jain lays the foundations for individuals to realise their greatest aspirations.

Dr Tanu Jain is the founder of the Tathastu Institute of Civil Service. She is a doctor turned IAS officer who left her job for her mission, to educate people and help UPSC aspirants to achieve their dream job.

Family And Education

Tanu grew up in a middle-class business family in Delhi. Her parents, Arpita and Akash Jain encouraged her to achieve her goals. She attended Cambridge School in Delhi until the 12th grade and earned a bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery (BDS). After completing her medical degree and internship. she began her UPSC preparation. Tanu started studying for the UPSC exam after realising her passion for helping the larger society.

Her UPSC Journey

After two months of study, on her first attempt, in 2012, Dr Tanu Jain cleared UPSC preliminary exam. Despite early setbacks, she persevered and succeeded in her third attempt in 2014. She secured an overall rank of AIR 648 in the General category of UPSC in 2015 and got her first appointment to the Armed Forces Headquarters Service.

Her Friend And Guide In Life

Dr Thanu cleared the preliminary and main exams in the second attempt but got a low score in the interview. She enlisted the assistance of her friend Mr Vatsalya Kumar. Both of them prepared well for the interview and Tanu secured 200 marks on her next attempt. She chose Vatsalya Kumar to be her life’s mentor too.

Assistant Director at DRDO

Dr Tanu Jain served as the Assistant Director Of the Defence Research and Developmental Organisation. She made significant contributions to Indian Bureaucracy.

An interviewer at the Drishti IAS team

She also participated in the Drishti IAS team, which conducted interviews with fresh IAS candidates. Before taking over as the assistant director at DRDO, she conducted several interviews with candidates. Many aspirants have cleared the competitive exam due to her motivational speeches and interview strategies.

Tathastu Institute

Dr Tanu Jain, an educationist, sought to combine formal education with extracurricular training for the UPSC test so that students would have a variety of employment possibilities even if they failed the UPSC. Students at Tathastu ICS prepare for their UPSC prelims and mains examinations while earning a diploma or degree from a NAAC A+ institution.

The life and accomplishments of Tanu Jain are motivational. She overcame the challenges in her way with perseverance and hard effort. Her goal is to serve society. She chose IAS instead of dentistry as a result. However, she guided UPSC aspirants through social media and coaching organisations.

Later, she decided to make it her expertise and mentor people who want to serve our nation. Through Tathasthu, Tanu Jain and her team provide a unique Civil Services exam preparation programme aligned with a university degree.

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