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Exploring The Passions Of Life: Neharika, The Dental Surgeon On The Racing Grid

Dr Neharika Yadav

In the contemporary world, women can access every field. However, they must overcome many obstacles and put in a lot of effort to achieve their goal. Women bike racers like Neharika Yadav are breaking records on a national and international scale to combat patriarchal notions.

Neharika Yadav is a dental surgeon and one of the few professional Indian lady superbike racers in the country.  She is the founder and C E O of Dr N’s Dentistry in Gurgaon, which provides trustworthy dental advice and high-quality dental care at an affordable price. Neharika, who pursues her passion, is better known as India’s lady super biker.


Sanjiv Yadav, her father, was a fighter pilot before becoming a commercial pilot and simulator teacher for IndiGo Airlines. Her Anglo-Indian mother, Janice Yadav, a car rallyist, is another source of her passion for sports. She has a sister. Neharika had an exciting upbringing travelling between many aviation bases. Neharika gives her family credit for teaching her discipline, mental toughness, and regular play habits as she honed her talent in a sport that demands undeniable resolve and toughness.


Neharika received her education from several Air Force Schools across India and graduated from Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences and Research, Faridabad. She holds an MBA in Hospital Administration from Manipal University.

Without getting tired

In a  vehicle accident in 2005, Neharika lost her right-hand movement. Although the right hand is crucial in dentistry, she has had a challenging time. Neharika regained half of her arm movement following numerous consultations with specialists worldwide. Despite having a broken arm and working as a dentist, she follows her passion for racing.

India’s Fastest Woman Super Biker

Racing bikes is her passion and she has been following her passion for over six years. Despite all challenges, she is one of the fastest women super bikers in India. Even though she had no official instructions, experienced riders helped her perform better by watching her performance on the track and giving her advice based on their vast experience. This super biker competes in the JK Tyre Superbike Championships every year at her top speed of 300km/h.

UNESCO Brand Ambassador

Neharika is also a TEDx Speaker and UNESCO Ambassador for Kindness because of her efforts to save Indie dogs and find them loving homes.


Neharika has been modelling for a while and has been on track with her fitness objectives. She works out at least four days per week. She also spends time with family and watching movies whenever she finds time between racing and dentistry. The motorcyclist with Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi as role models wants to drive on the tracks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Neharika has represented India as a factory racer with Ducati Global Motorcycles and races on the Buddh International Racing Circuit and JK Tyre Superbike Championships. She also participated in the KTM Open Track Day as the lone female rider among up to 97 male drivers.

Neharika Yadav has already travelled 2000 kilometres at Buddh International Racing Circuit while balancing her dual passions. She also explains that both her profession and passion help her equally. Her success mantra is that she prioritises her time. Neharika forgets the clinic when she’s at the track and vice versa. She feels that life is incomplete without passion and encourages people to find their own.

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