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She is a Flame With The Strength to Face Challenges : Sushma Yadav

Science and technology are advancing rapidly. With their inventions, humans push the limits of everything. Everyone dreams of a better tomorrow. However, there are still some barriers to women’s freedom. That is why it is relevant here. India celebrated her 76 years of independence recently. Long before, in 1929, child marriage was prohibited here. Even then, who is yet to blame for women still not getting equal rights? Sushma Yadav, a 30-year-old Police Officer from a small village in Haryana, motivates others with her life. She is a representative of child marriage in this modern era.

Forceful Marriage

At the age of playing with toys, she was thrown into the chains of marriage. One evening when she returned from school, she was informed that her marriage had been fixed. It was a custom there. She begged everyone not to send her to her husband’s house. But her father wanted to live as society wanted. Sushma was helpless.

Hates The Male Community

At her husband’s home, Sushma felt like a fish out of water. The girl has to face things against her will. But she had to cry and suffer in that closed room. The little girl was not mature enough to understand what was happening to her at that time. The senior women of the house behaved as if these were normal occurrences in marriage. But they never thought that all this was happening to a twelve-year-old girl. Her experience with her husband evolved into a hatred of male society. She was then sent to her home and returned to her husband’s house during the holidays.

Sushma Yadav

Pressure From In-Laws

Her husband’s family wanted her to be back permanently after she passed 8th standard. They put pressure on her family. Her in-laws thought it unnecessary to educate a girl child. They believed she would not look after their son if she got a good education and job. Her father sent her to the other house under their pressure.

Determined To Study

Amidst all, she dared to continue her studies. Sushma threatened her husband that she would commit suicide if he did not allow her to study. He allowed her to pursue her passion on the condition that if she failed at any level, she would have to drop out completely and return to him. Sushma was good at studies. She topped the school in commerce in the higher secondary examination.

Breaking That knot

Sushma aspired to be a police officer. For that, she continued her studies. Her in-laws sent the divorce papers to her house. Sushma wanted to get out of that relationship. And finally, She got divorced.

Reaching The Goal

In 2018, she got selected for the Police Department. Her determination to escape from the pressures of that freedomless life made her a police officer. Her husband’s family approached again for remarriage. But she didn’t want to give up her freedom to anyone.

Brave Enough To Fulfil Her Dream

Through her example, she encourages all young women to pursue their goals and not compromise their freedom. She encourages all parents to consider the happiness of their daughters instead of living according to society’s demands.

Sushma Yadav boldly portrays one of the worst phases of society through her personal experience. Through her commitment and perseverance, she fought against parents who value community over their own family and against a society which denies girls the right to freedom. Sushma is a role model for the younger generation who acts thoughtlessly without giving much consideration to life. Her example proves that the right to freedom is not kindness. It could be possible only through changing the thoughts of a community and is to be restored whenever necessary.

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