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Fit Tuber : The Perfect YouTuber

Today, social media serves as a tool for connecting people worldwide. It provides real-time updates and is quickly becoming the primary source of information. Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. In recent years, the world has witnessed the blossoming and ever-increasing popularity of social media platforms. As technology advances, social media can bring and introduce new techniques. Nowadays social media influencers have a significant impact on our lives. We came across a man whose passion led him to empower people to adopt healthy habits.

Fit Tuber: Vivek Mittal

Why Fit Tuber?

As the name implies, the Fit Tuber provides the importance and ways to be fit in life. Vivek Mittal’s YouTube channel contains fitness and general health videos. Many YouTube channels provide health-related content; what sets him apart is that he comes up with simple and accessible ways for beginners and ordinary people to stay fit after thorough research. Even though he is not a fitness trainer, his knowledge and research have inspired him to create healthy remedies and raise Awareness in society. His videos are realistic and attainable. He didn’t fear anyone and was not concerned with money.

Who is Fit Tuber?

Mittal was born in Bhatinda, Punjab, in 1989 and completed his education there. He earned his Btech from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi. After finishing his BTech, he worked at Infosys for three years. While working at Infosys, he studied in his spare time and passed the SSC exam, which allowed him to join the Excise and Customs Department as an inspector. Vivek Mittal spent a year working at the Kakinada Sea Port. He had a good salary status, but all he desired was to follow his mind and passion.

Fitness Preference

Vivek has been interested in fitness since he was in college. He continued reading thousands of books on fitness, Ayurveda and healthy lifestyles. He preferred Ayurveda to Modern nutrition. Later, he decided to put this knowledge to use by passing it on to others. As a result, in August 2016, he launched the channel ‘Fit Tuber’ which devoted to healthy living. In his channel, he also reviews brands.


The passionate YouTuber

Focussing On ‘Fit Tuber’

He initially managed his job while posting his videos on YouTube, but later left his job to focus solely on his Channel. While creating limited content in a week, he spent the rest of his time researching topics and coming up with the most pertinent ones.


His nutrition, beliefs and facts, yoga routines, and full-body exercise videos have received a lot of attention. Vivek also informed us about the mistakes we made while drinking milk, eating fruits, consuming curd etc. Mittal frequently discusses the myths and misconceptions about fitness in society. He also provides solutions for PCOD and menstrual cramps via diet and exercise. Vivek gives genuine reviews about products. With thorough research, he came up with the exact composition of products. The Fit Tuber helps viewers to identify good quality products available in the market.

Vivek examines the composition of each product and describes the features. He never favours a particular brand. He only recommends products that he has researched and found to be good. He promotes the use of products that are free of harmful chemicals.

Honoured with the Rashtriya Gaurav award on him in 2019

Honest Approach

Vivek Mittal provides comprehensive brand analysis regardless of the consequences. As a result, he received legal notices from various brands and once had to pay a huge fine. However, he continues to do his work.

He has over 6.74 million YouTube subscribers as well as two other channels, Fit Tuber Hindi and Telugu. The Telangana government bestowed the Rashtriya Gaurav award on him in 2019. His passion is what propels him to be the ‘Fitness YouTuber.’There were numerous channels on social media platforms that provided various types of content. Three-quarters of them were producing content for personal gain. Some may be fabricated. Fit Tuber has never promoted a brand that does not have genuine values. His bravery in analysing brands without regard for future consequences made him the patron saint of fitness. His motto of helping others, honesty in product recommendations, and harsh approach to reviews made him unique among others.

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